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Posted On: 13 April 2015 06:29 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Residents call for better use of inner roads

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Traders and residents of the busy Najma and Mansoura areas in the heart of Doha have urged authorities to make better use of the inner roads for congestion-free traffic.
“If the inner roads are effectively utilised to facilitate one-way traffic during the peak hours, there could be a long-lasting solution to the perennial traffic woes of the two localities, where traffic jams are a regular feature,” a long-time resident told Gulf Times.
Some of the residents wondered why the authorities were not experimenting with or exploring such options as ‘one-ways’ through the arterial roads, some of which remain free from traffic perils even when the main roads experience heavy traffic in the peak hours.
“Many vehicles from such areas as Hilal and C-Ring road and going to Najma and neighbourhoods are unnecessarily forced to enter the crowded stretch between the Gulf Cinema signal and Mansoura signal for reaching the already congested B-Ring road and locations in the Umm Ghuwaliana,” another resident said while pointing out that this is happening owing to the motorists’ unfamiliarity with the inner roads of Najma and Mansoura.
Residents feel if direction and location boards are properly installed in the area, traffic congestion could be reduced to a certain extent. “For instance, if there are proper direction boards, those driving from C-Ring road to reach Souq Haraj, could be properly diverted through Al Hilal street near Alfardan Exchange. From there they could proceed towards their destinations through the road in front of Kuwait Building at the northern end of which there is a traffic signal.”
As drainage works are going on in a section of the Al Hilal street, the authorities could consider implementing this diversion after the road is completely reopened for traffic.
Similarly, vehicles going from Gulf Cinema signal to the B-Ring road could be diverted from the Alfardan Exchange roundabout and they could be instructed to turn left to proceed further towards their destinations.
Those who are travelling towards Muntazah signal from the Souq Haraj should be advised to move towards Al Kaabi roundabout on the Mansoura Street and turn south to reach the service road running parallel to the C-Ring road along the Ministry of Education’s former office. Usually many of such commuters are seen using the congested Najma Street and get inevitably caught in the traffic jam.
Residents also feel it is high time the temporary diversion through Nowfal Bin Harith (opposite Regal Department Stores) is made a permanent diversion so that the nearly 200m stretch up to the Hot Bread Bakery roundabout would remain a one-way as it is now because of the ongoing road works. The temporary diversion has eased traffic movement in the area, a resident said.