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Posted On: 18 July 2011 02:53 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Ramdan Charity Projects

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RAF organizes "Bashair Al Rahma", the biggest cultural program in Ramadan in association with Katara, Ezdan, Villagio and Landamrk. The program includes religious speeches in Arabic and English by prominent scholars, religious songs by famous troops in English and Arabic, cultural competitions, a special exhibition with rare photos on holy city of Makkah and the different development phases of Makkah haram, a special religious and education expo, RAF competition basing the book "Maalim Al Rahmah" and interviews with educationists and imams with excellent Quran recitation at Ezdan villages. This year, RAF implements charitable activities in 49 countries including 15 Arab countries, 9 African countries, 13 Asian countries, 8 European countries and 4 Latin American countries while the RAF projects were executed only in 32 countries. RAF will distribute 1400 purchase cards called " Bithaqath Hadiyyathie" worth of QR 500 / 1000/ 1500, from which 119 are distributed in association with Ministry of Social Affairs. The QR 500 will be for a family up to 5 members and the QR 1000 card is for a family of 5-10 members while the card worth QR 1500 will be for a family of 10-15 members. RAF organizes 10 iftar tents in this Ramadan and the expected e attendees are about 100000 persons through out of Ramadan. The Iftar tents will be located in 10 places including Umm Ghuwailina, Industrail area, Gharrafa, Central market etc… There are 7 iftar programs for communities such as Indian, Nepalese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipino, Srilankan and Bangladeshi. The expected Nos. people are more than 8000 persons from different nationalities. In addition to this, there are also another Iftar at the students' accommodation of the Qatar University. The Public Relations Department of RAF will be printing 40000 copies of religious book lets for free distribution and it organizes a cultural competition in 4 Arabic news papers with valuable prizes. It also will be broadcasting a film shooted in Kenya for 30 days on Qatar TV on the projects implemented by RAF there. In addition to this, it will be distributing Quran and religious CDs and will be publishing a complete page in Al Sharq news papers about the activities of the RAF through out Ramadan. This year, the RAF organizes the biggest Ramadan competition in Comoros on Quran memorization, merits of the family of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and the merits of Ayish, the wife of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). It holds a grand Iftar in Darfor for 25000 people The RAF has financed 115 projects through out this year in which some are over, while other are under process. The Markaz Al Sahabah, which is a comprehensive Islamic centre implemented by RAF in Somalia will be inaugurated within the first 10 days of Ramadan while the project of establishing a University in Africa is under process and it expects the foundation stone laying ceremony in this Ramadan. RAF will spend QR 6 Million Riyals out side Qatar for charity works during this Ramadan while the cost the of charity activities inside Qatar is QR 10 Million riyals. Press Conference of RAF.JPG From rights: Muhasin Al Ajji, Director of Community Service Department ,Ahmed Al Harmi, PR head, Director General of RAF Ayid Al Qahtani , Dr. Jassim Al Shammari, Director of Projects Department ,Al Rifaee , Head of Cultural Affairs Department