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25 May 2018 06:54 am

Ramadan Drive-Thru Festival at Katara a big crowd-puller

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Katara Ramadan Crowd

Hundreds of cars can be seen in queue at Katara Cultural Village every night to sample scrumptious takeaway favourites at the Ramadan Drive-Thru Festival featuring more than 40 food stalls and trucks.

The  vast parking are at the back of Katara Beach Club turns into a haven for drive-thru lovers from Iftar till 3am with the wide-ranging food and beverages on offer at the one-of-a-kind month-long festival.

Coffeephiles in search of the perfect cup can sift through to a wide selection of coffee on the menus of  42 Coffee, Coffee-Bike, Addiction Coffee Shop, Sky Coffee, Blond Coffee Boutique, and Cup of Joe, while those who want to munch some delicious burgers can fulfil their cravings at The Rare Burger, Burger Hood, Buns Burger, News Burgers and Burger & Burmait.

The stalls have been arranged in a circular manner making it easy for motorists to visit the stalls, order and have their food delivered right to them without leaving the comfort of their cars.

For those who wish to stay longer at the festival, there are tables available by the beach where they can eat all the food they want.

“It’s a breath of fresh air, something different from other food festivals I’ve attended in the past. So far, the food I’ve tried are delicious so I’m definitely coming back next time,” said Mahmoud, one of the visitors.

Famous restaurants in Katara have also opened their stalls at the festival offering their bestsellers including seafood at L’wazaar Fish Market, Turkish cuisine at Sukar Pasha Ottoman Lounge and chocolate products at Chac’Late.

There are a whole lot more of food and beverages in wide varieties that can be purchased at the festival such as pizzas, sandwiches, shawarmas, cakes, wraps, noodles, pastries, artisanal, burgers, pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, fresh juices and shakes , among others.

Shawrma Time, Pistacolate, Your Choice Noodles, Magnolia Bakery, Soft Loop and Poffertjes are among the other outlets taking part at the festival which runs until the end of the holy month.

At the far end of the venue is a giant screen which acts as a drive-in cinema where football matches are shown to those who wish to park their cars while enjoying their food, while in the middle of the venue is a stage where Arabic music is played by a local Oud artiste further enhancing the joyous ambience of the event.

The bright lights bordering the venue and the designs of the stalls exude Ramadan atmosphere which can be felt by every visitor. (Source)