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Posted On: 22 June 2016 06:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Ramadan charity to do while grocery shopping!

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One word you will often hear during Ramadan is Zakat. During the holy month some contribution of one’s annual salary is made for a charitable or religious cause. The word Zakat literally translates to “to cleanse” or “to purify” and is meant to purify your wealth for the will of God. Zakat is not only done for the relief or the poor and less fortunate but is an entire pillar for Islam! This shows how important charity and similar donations are in the Muslim community. And so it happens that it’s made as easy as possible for people to make donations for good causes. Outside supermarkets you can find collection “baskets” and booths dedicated to receiving contributions.

What charities are represented?

Qatar charity is found almost everywhere you go. Tayf is one of the many initiatives by Qatar Charity that also has booths and clothes collection boxes all over the country. Qatar Red Crescent has booths and first aid stations in places like Villaggio, to have a helping impact directly as well as indirectly through donations that reach many people near and far. Qatar Cancer Society, raf – Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services and more are also among the supermarket booths. One booth that differentiates itself from the others during Ramadan is the Zakat Fund that serves the Zakat for this month especially.


Where does my contribution go?

When grocery shopping, or driving by a mall or supermarket, think about what you may be able to give to charity. Everyone (almost) can make a little contribution. Then think about where you would like to make a difference and how. Speaking to a representative of Qatar charity ILQ was told there are TOO many options to list, but if you think of a cause there must surely be a voucher!


Speaking of Qatar charity they have a list with images of different causes you may make a donation for. This list includes ‘Orphan’s Needs’, ‘Kindness to Parents’ Endowments’, ‘Water Projects’, printing of the Qur’an or other religious books, families in need, social solidarity, ‘Health projects’, ‘Income Generating Projects’, ‘Cultural and Educational Projects’, ‘Support projects in Qatar’ and ‘Mosques and Islamic Centers’. Separate vouchers can be purchased for Syria, Iraq, Yemen or Palestine. And don’t worry, even here you can choose which project your money shall support. You see, the options are endless!


Raf has many options too, however the list is a little less exhaustive. Raf also has vouchers especially for Ramadan, where you can donate an iftar. Choose who it goes to and send your break-fast somewhere it’s much needed and would draw a smile on someone’s face.


Even Qatar Cancer Society has various options for you to choose from, tailored so you decide where you make the difference! Qatar Cancer Society helps children, the elderly, parents, and cares for nutrition, medical aid and research. Make your Zakat count!

Lift a life is the name of another Ramadan initiative. It’s created by Qatar Charity for Iftar donations. Send your iftar around the world and decide how many of them you would like to donate. Other Ramadan donations include Eid gifts for poor people, tables of food for fasting workers to break their fast, traveling breakfast (road handouts at sunset), and Zakat al-Fitr. All donations serve to aid people and are great humanitarian causes.

How much can you donate

It’s not about donating the most or in amounts that leave you bankrupt. Donate an amount that is reasonable to the amount you earn or gain in pocket money. 5 Riyals can make a tremendous difference! Qatar charity takes donations from 1 QR and the limit is the sky! Any amount can be used for your voucher, on which the amount will be declared as a receipt.

Raf has vouchers for the amounts 10, 50 and 100 QR, though you can buy several vouchers at once to achieve the amount you would like to donate. The iftar vouchers are 15 QR each. WOW! Being able to give someone a meal for 15 QR is amazing!

A new initiative

This year Qatar Charity launched a new Voucher called Yestahloon/ They deserve better through Tayf. These vouchers only cost 5 QR or 10 QR and can be given to labourers to obtain second hand items including household goods, electric items, and clothing. This is an idea that came from the way workers at supermarkets are tipped. 5 QR may be spent on cigarettes or something else that has little positive impact on the person. With the voucher some high quality shirts or appliances may be acquired.



Let’s all find a way to donate what we can during this Ramadan and let it go to a good cause. We have listed many, but the list in reality is so much longer! Make your Zakat count and go to a worthy cause. Decide where you want your contribution to make a difference. As you can see, it only costs you 5, 10 or 15 QR to reach a life and elevate one’s living quality a little. What do you think?