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Posted On: 21 May 2019 02:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:18 pm

Ramadan cannon in Qatar: Keeping the tradition alive!

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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Modern technology has replaced many old practices, however, many traditions still entice people awakening their nostalgia of the back days when life was simply straightforward. The firing of the Ramadan cannon is one of those beautiful traditions in Qatar and other parts of the Islamic world. Customarily, cannons were used to announce the ending of Suhoor and breaking of fast long before when loudspeakers, as well as other digital devices, were not so common to do the same duty. It is learned that this beautiful tradition began during the Ottoman empire since the cannon was not properly introduced until then.

In this age when we can simply download an app on our smartphones to know when to break our fast, cannon is still used during Ramadan in Qatar, though it no longer serves its main purpose but rather is an emblematic tradition. Saleh Gharib, a researcher in culture and tradition said that Ramadan cannon was very old dating back since the establishment of the state of Qatar and "despite urban development state has kept the tradition alive."

“The role of cannon today as compared to the past has changed a lot. In the past, all areas and cities where the cannons were installed, depended upon them either for Iftar or Suhoor. Today, no one depends on them. There are TV channels, there are mosques' loudspeakers and many other means. The authorities are still keeping them alive to maintain the heritage and strengthen cultural values,” he stated.

Where to see Ramadan cannons in Qatar?

The Ramadan cannons can be seen at four places including Souq Waqif, Katara, Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Grand Mosque and Souq Al Wakrah.

Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Grand Mosque

(Location: Click here)

Ramadan cannon in Qatar
(Cannon at the Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Grand Mosque. Photos by Salim Matramkot / The Peninsula Qatar)

Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque is the national mosque of Qatar. The beautiful mosque has a very modern feel with crisp lines as well as large open outdoor spaces, it also preserves some of the traditional aspects of the Gulf region’s past, the sandstone facades, the modest building height and much more! The mosque is one of the popular destinations for Ramadan cannon. So don’t miss to check out there!

Souk Waqif

(Location: Click here)

Ramadan cannon in Qatar
(Image credit: Alvin Puthur/Flickr)

Souk Waqif is situated in the heart of Doha which is the oldest souk in the country and a major tourist destination. During Magrib, as the time to break the fast approaches, a number of visitors gather at souk around the cannon to experience the moment when the cannon is fired.


(Location: Click here)

Ramadan cannon in Qatar

Katara Cultural Village has also installed cannon as part of its Ramadan festivities in order to provide the residents an opportunity to know the past as well as the customs associated with the month of Ramadan. You can experience the firing of the cannon in the south area of Katara.

Souk Al Wakrah

(Location: Click here)

Ramadan cannon in Qatar
(Photo credit: Jono Haysom/Flickr)

Souq Al Wakrah is becoming a major attraction in Qatar, the traditional Qatari souq is a great place for a late afternoon stroll. And the good news is you can also witness Ramadan cannon there.

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