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Posted On: 21 May 2019 02:00 pm
Updated On: 27 March 2023 01:35 pm

All you need to know about the Ramadan cannon in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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All you need to know about the Ramadan cannon in Qatar

The dawn of Ramadan in Qatar always enlightens traditional practices and cultural elements. One of the many commemorative customs is the cannon shooting also known as Midfaa Iftar. It was traditionally used to announce the commencement of Ramadan with two cannon shots. This is followed by a daily single boom to announce the closure of the fast for the day for the rest of the month. This was deemed as the best-suited way to declare the end of a fast in a pre-loudspeaker era.

Here is a look at the much-anticipated cannon boom from 2022 after the tradition was halted for two years due to COVID-19:

If you’ve been wondering where you can spot and experience the cannon shooting; the (ILQ) team is here to tell you where to go.

Please note that it would be best to reach any of the listed destinations at least by 5:30 pm to secure yourself a proper viewing spot before a crowd gathers, ahead of the call to prayer.

The cannon shooting is supervised and administered by the Qatari Armed Forces and adherence to their guidelines at the time is recommended.

Old Doha Port

All you need to know about the Ramadan cannon in Qatar
Image Credit: Old Doha Port

Old Doha Port is one of the newest additions to the list of places where you can experience the Ramadan cannon. Experience the tradition of marking the breaking of the fast while overlooking Doha's spectacular skyline.

Location: Port Park - in front of Containers Yard, Old Port Doha

Souq Waqif

Ramadan cannon in Qatar: Reviving Traditions
Image Credit: Alvin Puther - Flikr

Souq Waqif is known for being the culture-hub; the one-stop shop that spells out all things Qatar. Adding to their crown of traditional elements is the strategic placement of the cannon shooting at Souq Waqif.

It is an experience of its own, as you get to witness the flare against the backdrop of the distinct Fanar Mosque minaret amongst a flock of pigeons that flutter away at the sound of it. While you can live the moment and engulf the call to prayer along with this aesthetic visual, you would want to keep your camera on standby too if you would like to get some of the best glimpses of this golden hour moment.

Location: A landmark to look for the cannon location is the water well or the Fanar mosque.

Katara Cultural Village

    Ramadan cannon in Qatar: Reviving Traditions
    Image Credit: Katara

    The Iftar cannon inevitably needs to find itself at Katara given that it boasts the title of being a cultural village. Katara gives life to the vision of modern-day Qatar and its dedication to art and culture yet tracing back to traditional roots.

    Being a family-favourite spot, you could experience the Midfaa Iftar here opposite the sea. You can get the little ones excited with the goodie boxes handed out by Katara.

    Location: You may locate the cannon in the Katara South parking space that is opposite the beach.

    Lusail Boulevard

    All you need to know about the Ramadan cannon in Qatar
    Image Credit: Lusail City

    Lusail Boulevard has made its mark in Doha as one of the most ideal destinations for celebrations and festivities. The spot will be hosting its first Ramadan celebrations, out of which the Iftar cannon is one of the most anticipated.

      Head over to this ultramodern space to experience the age-old practice.

      Find out more about Lusail Boulevard here - What's in store for you at the Lusail Boulevard

      Location: The cannon can be located by the end of Lusail Boulevard.

      Here is a glimpse of the Ramadan cannon at Lusail Boulevard:

      Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque - Grand Mosque

      Ramadan cannon in Qatar: Reviving Traditions
      Image Credit: Shutterstock

      The true spiritual aura can be felt in a reminiscent context when one experiences the cannon shooting at the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque also recognized as the Qatar State Grand Mosque. From the excitement to the second before the cannon is shot, to the blare of the blow leading to the tranquility in the silence with nothing to hear but the melodious call to prayer - this is an experience of its own!

      Location: The cannon can be spotted on the skyline facing side of the mosque.

      Souq Wakrah

      All you need to know about the Ramadan cannon in Qatar
      Image Credit: Souq Wakrah

      Wakrah being momentous to the history of Qatar as the fishing hub of its time, an Iftar cannon shooting demands to be located here. Paying tribute to old-age Qatar, Souq Wakrah is a gathering spot to experience the Midfaa Iftar. A sound that echoes to neighbouring households encouraging the cherishing of tradition.

      Would be ideal to pack a beachside Iftar picnic to break your fast or just snack on post the call to prayer.

      Location: The cannon can be found on the main parking side of the souq in the open space opposite the main road.

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        Have you visited any of these spots to witness Ramadan Cannon? Which of these locations would you like to go to first? Let us know in the comments section. And don't forget to like and share this article- it keeps us going!