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Posted On: 16 June 2015 06:04 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Ramadan at Hyatt Plaza is about Education, Entertainment and Charity

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Educate young generations about moral values and helping people in need are the main mission of Hyatt Plaza’s Ramadan activities

The most popular family mall in Qatar revealed its plans for the holy month, announcing 20 days of entertainment, education and spirituality. During a press conference Mr. Fuad Shaqadan, Leasing and Marketing Manager of Hyatt Plaza Mall promised the come-back of the much awaited Fast-a-thon in its sixth edition, Malaysian Bazaar, children’s activities and more.

‘As a responsible mall in Qatar, Hyatt Plaza has always been committed to spread moral values and build a solidary society through education and entertainment. We deeply believe that Ramadan is the best period to give back to the community and engage people in social initiatives.’ Said Mr. Fuad Shaqadan.

The mall is planning to host Layaly Alkhair festival in collaboration with Edad Educational Center at Hyatt Plaza, an educational and entertaining festivity that will bring all the families together and give them the chance to witness series of activities including Nasheeds, Storytelling and cultural competitions with the participation of the well known Dr. Abdulrahman Al Harami, Aqeel Al Janahi, Ahmed Al Muftah and Esmaa wesati Group.

Hyatt Plaza’s popular Ramadan event, Fast-a-thon comes back in its sixth edition; a charity event destined to Non-Muslims offering them an opportunity to experience fasting for one day and in return Hyatt Plaza and Qatar Charity will donate 200 QAR on their behalf to encourage education in Somalia. The mall will also organize an Iftar party for all the participants, promoting universal values of brotherhood, tolerance and empathy. The event’s purpose is to create a real communication between civilizations by giving non-Muslims a true understanding of what Ramadan spirit is. Fast-a-thon has become one of Hyatt plaza’s most awaited events, with more than 340 participants in 2014, the activity generated 68.000QAR in term of donations and more than 70.000 QAR from a related photo exhibition, which allowed the mall to receive the award of cause-related marketing from the prestigious MECSC (Middle East Council for Shopping Centers) making Hyatt Plaza the first mall in Qatar to receive such honorable award. Fast-a-on will take place on 26th & 27th June 2015.

‘Somalia’s prevailing education system is facing enormous challenges, both in terms of infrastructure and funds. Because of the inadequate higher education opportunities in Somalia, students don’t have other choices but to attempt entering Europe across the Mediterranean risking their lives or joining the Shabaab extremist’s troupes. For that reason, our mission along with Hyatt Plaza will be to raise funds to provide complementary courses for those young minds in order to increase the chances of getting a higher education and becoming productive members in society’ Said Mr. Salih Al Ali, Programs and Project Manager of Qatar Charity.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Abdulrahman Al Harami, Educational Consultant, Edad Educational Center said, “Developing young minds through quality entertainment is the main pillar of our planned Ramadan activities. All our activities will reflect Qatar’s Islamic values and will give children the right orientation to become productive in our society. We are happy to be associated with Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall, who shares the same vision as ours. I would also like to thank Qatar Charity and all our sponsors for their unstinted support and for the trust they have bestowed in us” The family festival is co-sponsored and supported by AWQAF, Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, Qatar Foundation for Social Protection & Rehabilitation, Childhood Cultural Center, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Ayalna Magazine and Al Aker Sweets and will take place in the food court of Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall from the 1st to the 20th of Ramadan, daily from 09.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

The shopping mall also plans to conduct the comeback of its successful activities and competitions including the Malaysian bazaar, organized by the Malaysian community in Qatar where visitors are teleported to discover the wide variety of delicious cuisines from fascinating Malaysia. The mall will also spread the joyful spirit of Ramadan by hosting Garangoah an old tradition that will please all the kids

“Through organizing these events, Hyatt plaza makes a conscious effort to provide an environment for the families, where they can experience and share the real spirit of Ramadan. We would like to Thank Qatar Charity, Edad Educational Center and all our co-sponsors for their active support and look forward towards a strong and fruitful partnership.” concluded Mr. Fuad Shaqadan. For more information about Fast-a-thon and other Ramadan activities in Hyatt Plaza, customers can call the customer service desk at 4499 9666.