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Posted On: 30 March 2014 02:35 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Rain water gathered in Salwa road today

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Heavy rains falling on Qatar today (Wednesday 26 March 2014) has caused increasing surface water levels in some of Salwa Road areas, mainly in the underpass know as Qatar Decor Tunnel.

Immediately Ashghal had mobilised its emergency teams to the affected area to conduct an alternative water suction procedure to eliminate the excess water in the tunnel. Ashghal’s seniors from related departments along with its drainage and road management specialised engineers were immediately presence at the area. Ashghal expects to completely conclude its procedure within the next few hours.

Ashghal asserts the fact that Salwa Road encompasses an efficient and deep water drainage system including pipes with large diameters, providing high drainage capacity for surface water to serve Salwa Road. However, as the project’s underground drainage connection to the sea through Abu Hamour network is still not yet constructed, Salwa Road drainage network is currently used to receive and store surface water inside the pipes only as a temporary procedure till the main drainage network is ready to streamline the water to the sea as planned.

When these pipes reached its maximum capacity within a very short time due to heavy rains as was the case today, water suction pumps and tanks are immediately deployed to the area to handle the eccess water from the Salwa Road drainage pipes to the nearest drainage network in order to reduce the level of water levels inside these pipes.

Ashghal will be updating you with all developments related to this issue on a timely basis.

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