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Posted On: 1 January 2020 09:51 am
Updated On: 2 December 2020 01:45 pm

QNL organises various programs in January 2020

Sumaica Asad
Sumaica Asad
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Qatar National Library (QNL) announced the preparation of a program full of activities during the month of January 2020, to mark a distinct start for the new year.

These activities vary to involve all segments and age groups, where they comprise a wide range of topics, from classical music to games an stories, but they are mostly revolving around one topic for this month, which is "light".

In this regard, the library organizes storytelling sessions for children aged 6 to 11 years, every Monday in the children's library. Stories will be narrated in Arabic, and participants will have the opportunity to write their own fiction.

The Creative Writing Skills Workshop, which will be held on January 4, participants will be interacting with Andalous Ibrahim who will show them how to write different pieces: articles, stories, and text for radio and TV.

The Digital Photography for Beginners Workshop, scheduled for January 11, will teach, through four sessions, basic photography skills, including parts of the camera and how to adjust its settings.

On January 7, Many composers have depicted light in their works, but few have done it with such overwhelming effect as Richard Strauss in his tone poem "An Alpine Symphony." Composed in 1915, the work follows the climb of an Alpine mountain from daybreak to nightfall. Guests will have the opportunity to attend an educational screening of "An Alpine Symphony," played by the Saxon State Orchestra under Giuseppe Sinopoli.

On January 8, the "Games Between Light And Shadow: A Project For Doha" event will be held, where nature invented the first pinhole camera, and in this presentation, guests will explore how light and shadow play on the ground and on walls to reveal images of the Sun and measure the passing of time. the event will conclude with a project to reveal live images of the sun on a selected wall in Doha, set near reflective and universal sundials.

An Event titled "Light is Hiding the Stars", will be held on January 29, where guests would be introduced to light pollution in the sky due to excessive light obscuring its natural beauty.

In addition, the QNL's activities during January are set to cover many other topics, including workshops on creative writing skills, photography, the astronaut's profession, a network of postgraduate fellowships support, and Arabic Book Club activities.

The library will participate in the 30th Doha International Book Fair from January 9 to 18 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, where visitors to the exhibition booth will have the opportunity to get to know the digitization services in the library, get an overview of the heritage collection, and also register for the library membership.

Computer programming enthusiasts will have, every Saturday starting January 11, a chance to refine their skills by participating in a workshop entitled "Build Your Video Game in Alice", where participants will be able to create their own video games.

The library is cooperating with Qatar Music Academy to organize a series of three workshops on traditional Arabic musical instruments, starting from January 18 and throughout February. Participants will have the opportunity to play Oud and learn about its various parts.

On January 15, The "Indians in the Gulf From 2600 BCE to the Present: Talk and Exhibition Tour" lecture by the Library's Director of Historical Research, Dr. James Onley, will examine the little-known history of Indian communities in the Gulf, from the earliest evidence 4,600 years ago to the present day. It will be followed by a guided tour of the "Qatar India & the Gulf" exhibition at the Library.

On January 18, the Library, in collaboration with Georgetown University in Qatar and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, will discuss the book "Contemporary Arab Society", by intellectual and novelist Halim Barakat. The book introduces a systematic social analysis of Arab society and looks for ways to deal with the dilemmas of diversity and socio-political integration within Arab countries.

On January 25, the Postgraduate Peer Support Network (P2SN) will organize a gathering for aspiring and current postgraduate students as an opportunity to exchange information and knowledge, share expertise, and provide each other intellectual and emotional support.

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Source: QNA