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Posted On: 6 June 2013 01:03 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

QMIC Launches App To Curb Phone Use While Driving

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The Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) yesterday launched a smartphone application that can potentially reduce the use of mobile phones while driving. Based on the Global Positioning System, ‘Salamtek’ intelligently limits the usage of mobile phones through blocking calls once the application is launched. The application was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning under the Masarak driver anti-distraction initiative. Salamtek, available in both English and Arabic, allows drivers to set the speed of the vehicle. Users can also set up to three VIP numbers and three mobile applications which they can access while the phone is in a block mode under the application. Speaking at the launch at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), Dr Adnan Abu Dayya, Executive Director of QMIC, said that mobility and road safety was recently declared a great challenge for Qatar in the coming years. In 2012, Qatar saw some 4218 accidents, which resulted in as many as 204 deaths. Many of these accidents were caused by over-speeding and lane violations. “Today is a milestone for all of us, as we have created the first Anti-Distraction mobile application made in the Gulf. We hope that drivers in Qatar and the region join us in using this application to help prevent potential accidents,” Dr Dayya said. Abdulaziz Al Khal, Director of Masarak, said that the usage of the application, which is only available on Samsung phones for now, will increase with the enterprise version, where companies will be able to control the driving speed of their fleet on the roads. Source : Qatar Chronicle