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Posted On: 4 October 2011 03:47 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

QF Radio to air more programmes

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DOHA: The QF Radio, yesterday unveiled a number of new live political and cultural programmes with interactive elements encouraging its listeners to make their voice heard. The brand new shows were introduced beside the radio’s plans to expand its services into a new phase with live video streaming facility, which would be a first of its kind method of broadcast in Qatar. “The QF Radio will soon introduce a video streaming facility thorough its website so the viewers could also watch some of the special programmes. This will be a new initiative in Qatar,” said Nasser Al Naime, Senior Programme Specialist, during a studio tour in the sidelines of a press conference held to announce about the new programme roaster. The QF Radio studio will be soon transferred to a new premise from its temporary location at the QF Communication Directorate and new technological facilities will be introduced to further improve broadcast quality and enhance its unbiased, modern media coverage to local and international listeners. “We will move to a new building where we could deliver programmes with high broadcast quality, said Ahmed Al Khalout, Broadcast Engineer. In addition the new live show roaster for its Fall 2011 season, introduced by the QF Radio will be broadcast from now onwards on 93.7FM and through its website have been carefully designed including mixture of news, entertainment and information and interactive sessions in English and Arabic as a move to encourage freedom of speech and to foster a progressive society. “We have started to have a new season absolutely different from the last season. This is a big challenge even for a new radio launch last January, but I’m sure programmes will excite, inform and inspire our listeners,” said Saad Al Hudaifi, Manager, Media Centre, QF Radio. “We introduced this new season following many requests from the listeners to participate in interactive programmes. As our logo Find Your Frequency, we have to listen to them and evaluate what we are broadcasting,” Al Hudaifi said. The new season programmes on the QF Radio waves will include a two hour information packed morning show ‘Bright Morning- Sabah Mashreq’ in Arabic with Al Hudafi from Saturdays to Thursdays from 7am to 9am. ‘Corners’ is a new interactive show and its first part of the programme will shed more light on the QF and its different centres. In another corner the show will focus on various topics from health , well being and personal development to family and society. It will also feature a fast paced round up of what’s happening around the world. In the last half the show will also allow the listeners to to share their opinion. ‘Corners’ will run from Saturday to Thursday 6 to 7pm and will be broadcast in English by hosts Nabil Nashar and Laura Finnerty. ‘Straight Up- Biwoduh’ is a daily show will discuss a wide variety of distinctive news and events that expose them to the public. The focus will be on political and economical topics that that concern QF radio listeners in Arabic for one hour 8 to 9pm by host Fatima Dossari. ‘Voice of Youth- Sawt Al Shabab’ is a show developed to provide a platform for Qatar’s youth to express their opinions and concerns. It will discuss the most pressing and important issues faced by youth. The show in Arabic will run from 3 to 4pm by host Adan Aboker. ‘Legendry Artists’ is a show which will tell the story of one of the music legendry artists in each episode, speaking about his early life, music. Artists like Om Kalthoum, Fayruz, Warda Al Jaziria, Mohammed Abdo and Frank Sinatra will be featured both in English and Arabic at 9pm by host Nabil Nashar. The Peninsula