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Posted On: 30 March 2015 05:23 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

QCS took apart at Qatar international Food Festival 2015

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Because of its believe in the importance of taking a part at all the big events which been held at Qatar, QCS took a part at the sixth Qatar international food festival which was launched at 24th of march at Islamic museum park , organized by the Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Airways.


Due to the attention to participate in all activities organized by the State of Qatar QCS keen to participate in the festival through an awareness and entertainment booth for visitors of the festival, the booth worked in educate the public about healthy food and its importance and its role in cancer prevention as well as to educate and encourage the public to exercise on a daily basis to work on strengthening the immune system and help the body fight various diseases.

This has been held with involved of several institutions such as Qatar Stars League and VLCC centre slimming, beauty, fitness, where the Qatar Stars League Foundation sponsored the kids area with the belief of the need to make children aware about importance of sporting activities on a regular daily basis for the production of healthy generations conscious and aware about importance of sport in the prevention of various diseases as the VLCC provides the vital machines that measure body mass for the visitors to encourage them to start diets and exercise to get in the end to a healthy society which is aware about cancer and its causes.


The Qatar international food festival is organized to highlight the different types of foods and their relationship on peoples and cultures around the world.

The aim of the festival, which is hosted by the General Authority for Tourism in cooperation with Qatar Airways, is to provide an opportunity for the Qatari hospitality sector to offer the best of foods and beverages. And participate in the festival, a number of the most famous international chefs to celebrate the luxury foods that are prepared with fresh ingredients, which offer the latest dishes are carrying visitors in a joyful journey across the continents.

Because of the importance attached by the Assembly for such events and in support of the efforts of the state and the Qatar Tourism Authority in that regard staff and management of QCS Assembly keen to be present at the festival to participate and welcoming visitors.

For her part, Sarah Ali, head of marketing department at QCS, said "we are keen in the Assembly to participate in all the major events held in the State of Qatar and the interest in our community to participate in public activities are organized in an attempt to reach both audiences of all categories to make them aware about cancer and its causes and how to prevent it and also to correct Common misconceptions about cancer in Qatari society, which is one of the most important consideration cancer is a deadly disease while it’s a treatable disease where that cancer can be cured if its detected early, "play sport ,eating healthy food and doing early and regular check-ups can Certainly prevention of cancer or help in detected the disease in its early stages, which contributes in increase the effectiveness of to the treatment"