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Posted On: 30 March 2015 05:23 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

QCS organized “with awareness we are stronger than cancer " at Al Khor  independent Primary school for girls

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Opened by His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani, Chairman of Qatar Cancer Society Exhibition "with awareness we are stronger than cancer", which lasted over two days at Al Khor independent primary school for girls, with a number of parties and state institutions, and the presence of a large rally of teachers, students and parents to Besides specialists and those interested in health sector, with the aim of raising public awareness about cancer and ways to prevent it at all levels.


On this occasion, HE Dr Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani stressed that the organizing this exhibition was the culmination of the previous shows launched at the beginning of this year that which noted the successful and highly motivated by the public by the audience, which caused them to adopt the idea of organizing periodic exhibitions for the first time as well as they continue to launch awareness campaigns, lectures, training and workshops, which they use to Assembly since its inception in 1997.

He also said that lunching this exhibition came from importance of targeting the outer regions of Doha to raise awareness about cancer and general health to follow Qatar National Vision 2030, which focused on the human element and development in various sectors in order to reach a healthy society.


For her part, Ms. Mariam Hamad Al Nuaimi, general manager of QCS pleased with what has been accomplished in the last months in awareness about cancer by increasing the number of visits to schools, universities and institutions in Qatar.

She said that QCS by this exhibition is trying to spread health awareness and education about cancer, especially among school students as part of its plan to target all of the slides and community groups, particularly young ages, noting the existence of future partnerships with Al Khor independent primary School, and this exhibition serves as a first breakthrough, which will be followed by other steps similar.

And “with awareness we are stronger than cancer." Was including Many of awareness booths like an awareness booth of breast cancer which is one of the most common cancer among women not only in Qatar, but world, as well as booth for self-examination of breasts for early detection of disease, especially since the show is aimed students and teachers, as well as a booth to raise awareness about cervical cancer, which is the second with awareness we are stronger than cancer common cancer for women.

The exhibition also included an awareness wing about colorectal cancer considering that March is the month of awareness of this type of cancer and educate people about the need for a telescope of colon when the person reach 50 years as a kind of prevention and reduce the number of injury, as well as the wing of anti-smoking and other health food to emphasize the need and role of proper nutrition in the prevention of many diseases, including cancer, in light of the spread of many private wrong behaviour’s related to food among the younger generation, who are accustomed to eating junk food that cause many health problems.

The exhibition also included a special Awareness wing about sport and the role of exercise in the prevention of diseases, was also offer a range of awareness films that dealt talk about cancer and ways to prevent it, in addition to the distribution of educational brochures and symbolic gifts.

This has participated in the exhibition, many of the views of the state, including institutions, and weyak Association for Mental Health, Hamad training centre, primary health care, AL Khor girls Centre in addition to a number of schools.