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Posted On: 16 December 2014 05:15 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Qataris Demand Higher And Better Education

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Qatar is a wealthy oil rich country and Qatar is one of the most developed countries in the Middle East. Like many governments in the Middle East – they have pro actively engaged in professional development courses and further education for the people that work and live there, as well as the native Qataris. These can be in the form of private courses or scholarships to be sent abroad, however, there are certain criterion that must be met if you want to study abroad.

One such company that is helping Qataris to study abroad is the Online IELTS company founded by Kunaal Tailor in London. The company offers everyone with the opportunity to study abroad in the USA, UK, Canada or Australia. European countries that teach in English, as the medium of command also accept the IELTS qualification that is offered by the Online IELTS company who provide online IELTS preparation courses for students based in Qatar and around the world.

Online IELTS preparation courses can effectively help you to get entrance into the higher education institution of your choice or seek entrance for immigration purposes to work in a country and obtain a skilled-person work permit. At present, the criteria depends on each institution to institution and immigration requirements also vary from country to country. However, Online IELTS preparation courses do indeed provide a foundation of professional development if you want to ever improve your job and career prospects. More importantly, lifestyle and salary is also a major concern for people and getting a higher education qualification degree from overseas at a respectable institution and having the required credentials for immigration purposes can provide you with a credible head start compared to others who do not hold the qualification.

Online IELTS offers three courses and the basic course offers access to their expertly prepared materials that have been designed by IELTS examiners, the silver course offers the materials with 24 hours email support to have your writing and tasks checked by our IELTS tutors, and last, but not least, the Gold option offers all of the above with 3 x speaking classes with an IELTS examiner.

The basic course lasts for 30 days, the silver course 60 days and the gold course 90 days. This gives students the opportunity to choose a course that is suitable to their needs and requirements. The course can be started on the same day and offers access

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to the resources or email support respectively. After the duration is finished – the course will end and the access to the email support and resources will terminate. This offers students with the option to take the exam as many times as they want within the dedicated period. There is no commitment and students can start or finish at any point they feel they are ready for the exam. Students are also very welcome to sign up again and can purchase extra speaking classes to complement their courses

The Online IELTS preparation course offers Qataris with the chance to study in London with a native speaking teacher based in London. Moreover, the speaking classes are available for anyone who and you do not need to purchase the courses to have a speaking class. At present, there is a very high demand for English and this is no doubt set to grow, but there are very few native teachers working in some countries and this leads to a growth in the online option to counteract this issue. With the advancement of technology in today's modern era – Online IELTS preparation courses and Online IELTS courses that can provide world class education is now possible.