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Posted On: 27 November 2011 03:10 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Qataris campaign against sale of pork in Doha

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Qataris have launched an online campaign to boycott a company for including pork in the meats it sells in Doha. Using social networks, the campaigners said that allowing the company to sell pork could make engaging in haram (forbidden) business practices "a normal situation" that cannot be disputed or resisted by the people, However, while some campaigners called for a full and immediate boycott of the company and other shops and hotels that sell pork, others said that the focus should initially be on encouraging shop owners to respect the local culture and social tenets, Qatari daily Al Raya reported on Wednesday. 'Ignoring feelings of local people' "Allowing the sale of pork means ignoring the feelings of the local people," a campaigner wrote. Another said that while the sale of pork is strictly limited, the quantity that could be sold to the public was not. Gulf news