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Posted On: 13 February 2012 11:59 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Qatari Touches Exhibition held from 2nd to 4th February 2012 @ Ritz Carlton Hotel

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120212 EM2 Qatari Touches VIII.JPG To enhance the social responsibility of Qatari corporations and to support the increasing number of female Qatari designers, artists and handcrafters, 3rd year International Business Management students of Stenden University Qatar found a fantastic opportunity to organize a local Qatari exhibition to showcase the many arts and crafts Qatari women have to offer. Lamasat Qataria (Qatari Touches Exhibition), held from 2nd to 4th February 2012 at Ritz Carlton Hotel, was organized by Inspire Events, guided by Dr Tahira Makda, Module Coordinator of Event Management and Ms Dema Yaish, Client Coordinator, in partnership with Al Roudha Centre. The event was hosted in Aid of RAF Humanitarian Services in Qatar which raised QAR 13000. The exhibition provided 21 local female exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their creative designs and handcrafts. The most attractive feature of the event was its focus on local talents and the purely nonprofit orientation. Keeping a high standard of presentation and participating partners, this exhibition was an excellent opportunity for these women to market themselves. Lamasat Qataria Exhibition displayed an elegant variety of specially designed abayas, jalabiyat, fanilla couture, professional handmade fashion and home accessories, special perfumes, bukhoot and oud, arts & crafts The exhibition was inaugurated by Ms Mona Al Sulaiti of Qatari Business Women Forum. The exhibition was only open to females and attracted 1739 ladies during the three days. Inspire Event Organizers were Bashayer AlBinali (Project Manager), Fatima El Saka, Mahsa Taheri, Maliha Sadaqat, Serena El Hajj, Nihal Nalakath, Abdulla Alammari and Michael Ghossain. For more information, please contact: Ms. Simone Arnheiter, Head of Marketing, Stenden Qatar Phone 44888116 - ILQ news -