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Posted On: 28 February 2014 12:08 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Qatari student helps Palestinian school

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Haneen Hindi (pictured), a tenth grade pupil at the Qatar Academy has played a large role in helping Palestinian students and has enhanced young minds. This caring individual’s contribution has made a positive impact on students’ overall knowledge and comprehension. Speaking about her work young Haneen said, “At school we have to do a personal project on helping the community, and while searching for schools in Palestine, I found a less fortunate school. After communicating with the school administration, I was convinced that this is a worthwhile project that will benefit many deserving students. I collected and sent around 1,000 books.” Haneen is a Palestinian born in US, who came to Qatar three years ago without the knowledge of the Arabic language. She joined the Qatar Academy and learned Arabic and became one of the most dynamic students in her school. While, browsing websites on Palestine schools, she found a school in need and pictures of the insufficient library. This gave her the idea for the project. She collected books from her neighbours and sent a shipment of English and Arabic children’s books to Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem, Palestine. “I’m a Palestinian and thought of helping those poor students who don’t have the opportunity I have,” she said. Collecting books was not an easy task for Haneen. Soon after communicating with the school management in Bethlehem, she sent leaflets to her neighbours about her project. These leaflets had information on the goal of her work, about the beneficiary, and contact details. Her neighbours started donating children’s books for children aged between four and 10. Some even offered financial donations. Three hundred books were collected from neighbours and the rest came from friends and relatives, and Haneen purchased some with donated funds. After collecting the books, a way to send the books was a bigger challenge for Haneen. “It was a challenging project. After collecting books, I didn’t have a direct way of sending them to Bethlehem. As a result, I had to continually contact the director of the school and finally I sent the books to one of his relatives in Jordan. Then the books were sent to Bethlehem from Jordan,” said Haneen. “My family was very supportive. Especially my father was very helpful and encouraged me on the project,” said Haneen speaking about her parents who were born in Palestine and brought up in Jordan. Her father is a professor at the Qatar University and mother a teacher and Haneen is the eldest in the family. THE PENINSULA Prof Mohammad K Najdawi, a proud Dean of his student at the College of Business and Economics, Qatar University said, “I’m very proud of Haneen Hindi. She has always impressed me as a person with a noble mission in life. For a woman at her age to do such a great work is amazing.” Haneen has shown her personal strength and courage in such a deep way that she will continue to support people in need. “I will continue to do such projects in future. I’m thinking of sending food and medicine not only to Palestine but to places like Iraq, Sudan and Lebanon”, said a determined Haneen. Sharing Haneen’s knowledge made a difference to those attending a school in Bethlehem, and has made her to feel that her contribution was of some significance.