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Posted On: 22 October 2013 02:42 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Qatari struggles to prove himself alive

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After a Qatari man’s ATM cards were suddenly inactivated, he went to his bank to enquire what was wrong and got the shock of his life when he was told that in their records he was dead. The man laughed it out, thinking it was some joke and asked the bank employee to activate his cards. “I am not dead. I am alive. I am in front of you,” said the man, smiling. But his smile disappeared when the employee insisted with all seriousness that he was dead as far as the bank was concerned. “You need to go to the state authorities to prove that you are alive. Our records show you are dead so we can’t help you. You can’t withdraw any cash,” said the employee. Another shock awaited the Qatari. He discovered to his horror later that he needed to first collect his death certificate and then approach public health authorities to get his official records corrected that would show him alive. He went to the Supreme Council of Health and was instead asked to approach the Public Prosecution. However, after making several rounds of the prosecution’s office when he continued to still walk as a dead man, he felt frustrated. He hired a lawyer to complete the necessary formalities so he could be a living man again, reports Al Sharq. The lawyer told the daily this was the first case of its kind he had heard of. He said there could have been a wrong data entry. “I don’t suspect any foul play. Some error might have occurred in data entry,” said the lawyer. The Peninsula