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Posted On: 7 August 2011 08:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Qatari investors «flipping» the Bourse

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Stock market performance did not differ in the first four days of last week for the usual pattern that prevailed in the past few weeks; where trading volumes were weak and limited movement of the index, while remaining close to the firm level of 8400 points. Then changed all the data on Thursday, a positive result of the entry of relatively large liquidity index was freed from loose rose by more than a hundred points over the level of 8,500 points in certain periods before closing with the end of the week without a little. Because the return of cash resulted from net purchases by the country members and the Governor of net sales in the face of non-Qataris, so we tend to say that the improvement resulted from local factors such as the return of senior dealers holidays. The Group's exposure to securities in its weekly report of the most important developments that have taken place during the week with an indication of the factors affecting the economic and corporate news. Price index Index rises are limited in the first three days totaling 50 points, then came back and lost 30 points of the fourth day. And here there were not any surprises, although the results for important financial companies such as Al Rayan, Industries and seven other companies. Then there was a coup on the fifth day seemed features since the first half-hour, where the index rose strongly, breaking in late level of 8,500 points before dropping below in the final minutes, bringing the week's end to the level of 8490.8 points, an increase of 92.6 points and accounted for 1.36% over the week's closing. Previous. The rise in the index the result of rising stock prices of 31 companies and low stock prices of eleven companies. And agreed sectoral indices on the rise, where the banking sector index rose by 1.61%, and the insurance sector index rose by 2.47%, then the industry sector index by 0.38%, and the services sector index rose by 1.3% Was the company's share price Meera surprise week rose by 29.8% without a clear reason for it, then came the Doha Bank second increase of 8.19%, price of shares cattle by 6.12%, price of shares of navigation by 5.68% - after it won a contract with Qatar Petroleum for $ 1.9 billion riyals - and then the General Insurance by 4.76%, Vshm immune system by 4.33%. In contrast, record share price of the cinema the highest percentage decline of 9.35%, having achieved the highest increase in the previous two weeks, came the stock price of Doha Insurance, consequently, a decline of 4.03%, then the share price of Gulf International by 3.28%, then the share price of stores increased by 1.78%, Qtel share price of 1.34% per share price of manufacturing rose 1.11%. With the increase in the general index and all the sectoral indices, the total capitalization has risen by $ 4.9 billion to 450.2 billion riyals.