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Posted On: 18 June 2014 12:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Qatari family earns QR72,700 a month: Survey

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The average monthly income of a Qatari family is a whopping QR72,700 ($19,964), which is nearly three times the earnings of an expatriate household, shows a survey.

An expatriate family, on the other hand, earned approximately QR24,400 ($6,700), on average a month, according to a household income and expenditure survey.

The survey is conducted by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics reflects whose findings were released yesterday.

It seems the survey covered only high-income expatriate families, for the average income reported is on an incredibly higher end.

As for expenses, a Qatari family’s monthly outgoings were QR49,600 ($13,620), while those of an expatriate household were QR18,000 ($4,943).

A Qatari family spent over a third (about 35 percent) of its monthly expenses on transport, communications, overseas trips and entertainment.

Much of an expatriate household’s monthly outgoings, on the contrary, went towards paying rent and buying food.

Exact breakups were: a Qatari household spent QR8,033 on food (QR2,700 in the case of expatriate), QR5,700 on overseas travel (QR1,648 in an expatriate family’s case) and QR2,031 on recreation and entertainment. These were monthly averages.

An expatriate family spent barely QR444.78 a month on entertainment, while gave away QR6,177 as monthly rent on average.

On transport and communications, a Qatari household’s expenditure was QR9,500 (QR3,161 in the case of expatriates).

On overseas trips, the expenses of a Qatari household worked out to QR5,700 a month on average (mere QR1,648 in the case of expatriates).

The survey was conducted from September 2012 to September 2013 and covered 3,723 households, of which a little less than half (1,826) were Qatari, the remaining (1,897) expatriate.

The average size of a Qatari family covered was 8.7 individuals, while that of an expatriate household, 4.3. The average of both the family sizes was 5.5 individuals, said the Ministry.

Since most Qataris own houses and electricity and water are free, the survey said the actual average monthly income of a Qatari family would be much higher, at QR88,200 ($24,220).

It is interesting to note that Qatari families spent more on tobacco, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks on average a month (QR7,983) than their expatriate counterparts (QR6,921).

Salaries and wages comprised 97 percent of an expatriate household’s income. The percentage was lower, at 67, in the case of a Qatari family.

Qataris splurged some QR2,500 a month on body care alone, whereas an expatriate household’s expenses on this head were barely QR404.

On clothing, a Qatari family’s monthly spending was QR2,800 compared to QR621 for its expatriate counterpart.

On medical care (which is free), a Qatari household spent QR1, 523 a month, while an expatriate family spent merely QR178. On education (which is also free), a Qatari family’s expenses were QR1, 571 as against its expatriate counterpart’s QR1,008.69, shows the survey.

A Qatari family on average spent QR1, 922 a month on ordering food from outside. The figure for expatriate families was not available.