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Posted On: 20 September 2011 11:24 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Qatari employees in semi-govt dept demand pay hike

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Doha: The Qatari employees working in the semi-public agencies were not satisfied to be excluded from the recent pay raise granted to the nationals working in government departments calling to apply reciprocal pay raise for all Qatari staff in public and private sectors. Excluding the Qataris in the private sector from the pay hike forces them to shift to the public sector and lose the high wages and bonuses they were attracted to in the private sector, said nationals quoted yesterday by a local Arabic daily. Qataris working in the private sector will flee and head to the government agencies in contrary with the governmental directives and the development strategy approved in 2030 Qatar vision calling to recruiting nationals in the private sector, they said. Al Anoud Al Thani who works in a semi-public social agency said “we feel oppressed and discriminated”, wondering why they were treated as public staff in terms of vacations and as private staff in terms of salary hike. Al Anoud Al Tamimi, Director of the Personnel Department in a semi–public agency called government officials to review the decision excluding the private sector staff from salary hike and to deal with all nationals with reciprocity . Some nationals see the salaries of private sector staff are still higher than of public staff. Nouf Al Aamry said the salary of public agencies staff has become equal to the salary of their colleague in the private sector after the recent increase of their salary. The Peninsula