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16 February 2019 10:46 am

Qatar to implement policies for social development so everyone gets justice and equal rights

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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In a speech delivered by the Assistant Undersecretary for Social Affairs at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs by Ghanim Mubarak Al Kuwari at the 57th session of the Commission for Social Development, Qatar reaffirmed its commitment to implement its policies aimed at achieving social development at the national, regional or international levels, in order to contribute to the achievement of justice and equal rights for all segments of society without discrimination.

During the discussion reviewing relevant UN plans and programmes of action pertaining to the situation of social groups, Al-Kuwari said that the meeting was in line with Qatar's priorities to respond to challenges to social integration through fiscal policy, wage policies and social protection, reported Gulf Times.

Al Kuwari added that Qatar firmly believed in the importance of social development and the welfare of all members of society without discrimination. Qatar has already allocated its resources establishing a comprehensive social security system and the full integration of all segments of society in the labour force. He also mentioned Education Above All, an initiative that provided education to millions of children and young people suffering from conflict, natural disasters in different parts of the world.

Al Kuwari talked about Empower 2018, a conference that was organised by Education Above All to promote a better understanding of leadership among youth.

He stressed that Qatar had come a long way in promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and the elderly. “Qatar has taken measures at the legislative and executive levels to ensure that their issues are integrated into all developmental policies and programmes in order to overcome obstacles they face in their daily lives and provide specialised social and health care services,” he said, highlighting the vital role of government agencies and institutions such as Qatar Social Work Foundation in providing social care services.

He noted that it was impossible to discuss social development without highlighting the important role of the family. “The Doha International Family Institute, which enjoys a consultative status with UN Economic and Social Council, has become one of the leading organisations in family research and in holding conferences that discuss all matters related to the family.”

The official said that Qatar's belief in the importance of international partnership for development included signing an agreement that would provide a $500mn funding for UN agencies over several years, that is set to enhance international efforts in achieving social development globally.

Cover Image: Gulf Times