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Posted On: 6 June 2013 05:15 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Qatar’s first Rotation Curation Twitter account launched

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Qatar’s first Rotation Curation Twitter account launched- @WeareQatar A group of Qatar residents have launched the country’s first rotation curation account @WeAreQatar. In December 2011, Sweden ( launched the first country rotation curation Twitter account, taking country branding to a whole different level. Since then, not just countries and cities, but organisations have launched their own rotation curation accounts as well. Each country or entity establishes guidelines and criteria, and volunteers nominate themselves as curators. Every week, a new curator tweets from the account, and view the place or corporation from their perspective. For @WeAreQatar, Paula Crook (@KiwiPaula) is the inaugural curator. Paula, a civil engineer, has been in Qatar for about seven years, and will be leaving the country later this month. The seed of this idea is hers, as she hopes to keep in touch with the country she called home for seven years, even from afar. Khalifa Al Haroon, founder of popular online community (ILQ) and Vani Saraswathi, Managing Editor of JustHere.Qa are the other founding members of this voluntary initiative. Khalifa is an entrepreneur who has effectively used social media to build bridges between the scattered communities in Qatar through ILQ. He says it is a big step forward for Qatar to join the league of countries with rotation curation accounts. “This has great potential for residents to be ambassadors of the country, and for both tourists and new-comers to get the essence of our community. It's an opportunity for all the different nationalities in Qatar to represent the wider community. We Are Qatar.” To know more about rotation curation, check out these two links. (, And follow @WeAreQatar on twitter and check their curators’ list on