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Posted On: 19 June 2013 02:08 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Qatar Red Crescent to take humanitarian efforts in Syria.

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Qatar Red Crescent have discussed the ways of cooperation and access to QRC’s humanitarian efforts in Syria with Representatives of Norwegian and German Red Cross societies who have visited recently. The meeting was attended by QRC’s Director of Relief and International Development Dr Khaled Diab, who gave a review of QRC’s humanitarian programmes that are implemented inside Syria and on the Syrian borders which came as a result of the traumatic events experienced by Syrians for nearly three years. The two sides discussed the situation of refugees and displaced Syrians, where the total number of Syrian refugees registered and awaiting registration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was estimated to be more than 1,611,904, with the expectation of the continuous increase in those numbers due to the deteriorating situation. The representatives were briefed on efforts by QRC to serve refugees and displaced Syrians, whether in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon or inside Syria in addition to the programmes and projects implemented in several areas to alleviate the sufferings of refugees and displaced Syrians. QRC has several programmes and projects in several areas to help Syrian refugees, such as healthcare programmes, relief programmes, drinking water provision and sanitation projects. The most important activities carried out through these relief programmes are the mobilisation of resources and volunteers according to the severity of the situation, distribution of relief materials, providing shelter, emergency and transitional housing, healthcare services, schools, construction of field hospitals and medical units, and providing psychological support to the victims. Since the start of the Syrian crisis QRC was keen on communicating with multiple partners from within and outside Qatar such as the International Federation of Red Crosses and Red Crescents and the International Committee of Red Cross to identify the most important needs of the Syrians. Due to the distinct role that QRC has been playing to aid Syrian refugees and displaced Syrians, several associations were keen on benefiting from the experience of QRC and their approach in implementing these relief programmes in Syria. Soucre : Qatar Chronicle