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Posted On: 26 June 2019 05:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:20 pm

Qatar Red Crescent Society: saving lives and preserving dignity

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The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) is the country’s first volunteering charitable organisation and was founded in March 1978 to help and empower vulnerable individuals and communities without partiality or discrimination. It provides a wide range of relief and development services, both locally and internationally, with the dedicated support of its specialist staff and volunteers. For the last 41 years, QRCS has been serving as an auxiliary to Qatar in its humanitarian efforts, in light of its central mission of improving the lives of vulnerable people by mobilising the power of humanity inside and outside of Qatar.

‘Saving lives and preserving dignity’ is at the very core of what QRCS does. Currently, weak and vulnerable people all over the world lack access to the resources necessary to live in safety and peace. They live in fear, without security, health, or livelihood services as a result of natural disasters, conflicts, or widespread epidemics, which leave them feeling desperate and helpless. QRCS aims to establish and protect the rights of these people, and does not marginalise people on the basis of social or economic differences.

Qatar Red Crescent Society
What QRCS Stands for (image credit: QRCS)

Operating both locally and internationally, QRCS is at the forefront of the humanitarian field and has ongoing relief and sustainable health and social development projects in many countries throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa, as well as Europe. Its specialised departments also address climatic change, drought and famine. With a vast network of trained and committed staff and volunteers, QRCS works to rally humanitarian advocacy through coordination and partnership with many international and regional humanitarian actors. The organisation places itself in a strategic position to understand, respond to and help alleviate the suffering of those in need, regardless of their background.

QRCS is an active member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which comprises the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and a network of National Societies in 190 countries. It is also a member of several regional and Islamic organisations, including the Islamic Committee of the International Crescent (ICIC) and the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organisation (ARCO).

QRCS Specialties

Qatar Red Crescent Society Disaster Management Camp
Qatar Red Crescent Society Disaster Management Camp (image credit QRCS Facebook)


  • Disaster management (response, preparedness and recovery) to sensitise the community to cope with disasters and their dangers by building a team of volunteers trained in disaster management according to international standards and by using different techniques and real life-like emergency situations.
  • Healthcare and public awareness campaigns to spread preventive health habits and distribute awareness brochures and personal hygiene kits among members of society, especially expatriate workers.
  • Medical services to improve the lives of the vulnerable and provide comprehensive human development, especially with regard to health and safety.
  • Social development to raise the standard of living of the vulnerable groups in society so that they can cope with the burdens of life and enjoy safe living through a large number of diverse programs
  • Promotion of the fundamental principles and humanitarian values
  • First aid training to QRCS staff and volunteers, government bodies, private companies, schools so they are well-equipped to deal with emergency situations in which immediate medical assistance is required.
  • Advocacy of community causes so steps can be taken in the interest of the community as a whole, and to strengthen the image of Qatar at home and abroad through economic and urban development.
  • Training and qualification for community members and institutions to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to deal with various types of emergencies and crises, raise awareness and educate them on community health and International Humanitarian Law, and promote the culture of volunteering as well as recruitment and rehabilitation of volunteers, and increase the efficiency of medical personnel.
Qatar Red Crescent Society monitoring the polio vaccination of children in Syria
QRCS monitoring the polio vaccination of children in Syria (image credit: QRCS)


  • Relief and humanitarian activities
  • Humanitarian advocacy and diplomacy
  • Development activities


Qatar Red Crescent Society volunteers clean beach in Qatar on International Youth Day 2018
QRCS volunteers clean beach in Qatar on International Youth Day 2018 (image credit: QRCS)

QRCS seeks to fulfill its mission to serve humanity and achieve sustainable development through the support of volunteers. You can volunteer with QRCS to help vulnerable people and their communities, in accordance with the QRCS fundamental principles., the code of conduct of the National Assembly for volunteers, Union Code of Conduct and the fundamental principles of voluntary service.

To register as a volunteer at QRCS, click HERE.

QRCS Projects

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) distributes aid to 1000 Rohingya families in Bangladesh
QRCS distributes aid to 1000 Rohingya families in Bangladesh (image credit: QRCS)
  • Health
  • Water and sanitation
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Local development

To make donations to QRCS's various projects in Qatar and worldwide, click HERE.


Ramadan charity and humanitarian campaign 2019: ‘A Call for Mercy’

Every year, QRCS launches its annual charity and humanitarian campaign for the holy month of Ramadan. This campaign is a bridge of mercy between those with kind and benevolent hearts on the one hand, and the needy, the poor, the displaced, and the homeless on the other hand, and through this campaign, QRCS seeks to alleviate their suffering and bring a smile to their faces.

Inspired by the noble teachings of Islam and based on what QRCS stands for, this year’s campaign is titled ‘A Call for Mercy’ because mercifulness is what touches your heart when you see someone in need, makes you feel compassionate towards them, and motivates you to give as much as you can to make their life a better one.

The 2019 Ramadan campaign comprises a wide range of humanitarian operations in 22 countries, at a total value of QR 48 million. These operations include 18 Ramadan Iftar projects in 11 countries throughout Ramadan, as well as, 171 projects for up to 905,000 beneficiaries in Qatar and around the world where needed

This Ramadan, QRCS is arranging Iftar meals, food vouchers, Zakat-ul-Fitr and eid clothing for those needy people who are fasting in countries like Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Central African Republic, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and also Qatar.

QRCS Ramadan Iftar drive

Qatar Red Crescent Society Iftar Tent
Qatar Red Crescent Society Iftar Tent

QRCS has set up a number of Ramadan Iftar tents with a capacity of 2,133 visitors per day or 63,990 over a month, and it has been estimated these Iftar tents will benefit 129,990 fasting persons in total this Ramadan.

Locations: Two locations in Al-Wakrah, two locations in Al-Khor, Al-Aziziyah, Old Airport, Al-Hilal, Al-Mansoura, Al-Rayyan, Al-Luqta, Industrial Area, Al-Duhail, and Umm Salal Muhammed.

Iftar meals are also being distributed for the workers of remote farms, as follows: Al-Shahaniyah (500 per day, or 15,000 over a month), and Mesaieed (300 per day, or 9,000 over a month). QRCS’s volunteers also have launched an on-the-run Iftar programme, distributing snacks to drivers at the Maghreb time, to ensure safety on road. The plan covers six locations, with a total of 1,000 meals per day, or 30,000 over 30 days.

QRCS’s year-round/seasonal projects

In addition to the Ramadan charity and humanitarian campaign 2019: ‘A Call for Mercy’, QRCS also has a number of year-round projects/seasonal that it takes care of. It carries out missions, along with development and relief activities with dedication and commitment to ensure the oppressed or those in need in various African, Arabian, Asian and European countries can benefit from what they do: lend a helping hand to hundreds of thousands of people who are victims of armed conflicts or natural disasters. In Qatar, they conduct year-round projects to implement educational, social and medical projects in Qatar.

However, none of this would be possible without the help of volunteers who dedicate hours, days and even months to QRCS projects, and the donations from those who believe

To make a donation to QRCS, you can use any of the following channels:

- Online donation (
- Bank transfer to QRCS's account with QIIB (IBAN: QA66QIIB000000001111126666003) or Barwa Bank (IBAN: QA37BRWA000000000200000094340)
- Personal donation at QRCS's headquarters at Old Salata, Corniche (44027777)
- Hotlines: 16002; +974 6664 4822 / 66666364
- QRCS's RACA-licensed agents at malls and shopping centres.
- Send an SMS with “32” to 92216 (QR 100), 92092 (QR 500), or 92246 (QR 1,000)
- Blessed salary: Have a fixed amount from your salary donated to QRCS every month.

About QRCS

Location: Old Salata, Near Qatar National Museum, Doha - Qatar
[email protected]

Cover image credit: Relief Web