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Posted On: 24 May 2008 02:27 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Qatar one of the safest countries in the world

Khalifa Al Haroon
Khalifa Al Haroon
Your friendly neighborhood Qatari
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Qatar has been ranked the second most peaceful country in the Middle East, just behind Oman, and the 33rd most peaceful country in the world. Hassan Ali Bin Ali, Chairman of the Doha 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid Committee, said: "This index reinforces our belief that our bid delivers on one of the fundamental principles of the Olympics - to promote a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity. Doha 2016 can quite literally help change the world by offering a radically new perspective on the Arab world, showing the values of a modern, progressive and open Islamic state — at the forefront of change in the Middle East." The Global Peace Index covers 140 countries which make up 98 percent of the world's population. The 2008 Index, which includes 18 countries in the Middle East, was compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit and its network of country analysts. The Index is composed of 24 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly respected sources, which combine internal and external factors ranging from a nation's level of military expenditure to its relations with neighbouring countries and the level of respect for human rights. These indicators were selected by an international panel of academics, business people, philanthropists and peace institutions. As before, the GPI has been tested against a range of potential "drivers" or potential determinants of peace - including levels of democracy and transparency, education and material well-being. The GPI gives a snapshot of relative peacefulness among nations while contributing to an understanding of what factors help create or sustain more peaceful societies. Qatar is an outward-looking country that is fast becoming a global meeting place, welcoming major political and religious figures from a variety of different backgrounds and faiths. Recently, Qatar hosted the eighth Doha Forum on Democracy, Development and Free Trade and the 6th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue. This month, Qatari diplomats successfully brokered a peace deal in Doha between rival Lebanese political factions. Hassan added: "A Doha 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games would help to change perceptions about the Arab world and culture. The Games and the years leading up to them will show how we have maintained our traditional desert culture of generosity, hospitality and welcoming natures."