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Posted On: 29 February 2020 10:04 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

Qatar made remarkable achievements since blockade started 1000 days ago

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Qatar has been witnessing a momentum of achievements and successes since the start of the unjust blockade a thousand days ago, affirming its ability to overcome the consequences of the oppressive measures imposed by the four blockading counties, according to Al Raya.

Today marks the 1,000th day since imposing the unjust blockade on Qatar, during which the blockading countries tried all illegal weapons to undermine the State's security, sovereignty and national decision, and to rob its wealth and discredit its reputation, however, they have reaped nothing but defeat and disappointment

The blockading countries have failed to provide one proof of their allegations, slanders and lies, or to justify their violations against the people of Qatar and thousands of joint Gulf families who were separated due to the blockade, nevertheless, Qatar is still committed to its firm position that supports the Kuwaiti initiative and welcomes the unconditional dialogue to resolve all differences without prejudice to the national sovereignty and the internal affairs.

Since the beginning of the blockade, Qatar has consolidated its position as an indispensable reliable partner in the world, and has strengthened its presence and influence on the regional and international arenas, thanks to its active diplomacy and strong media which succeeded to refute all allegations, slanders and lies of the blockading countries. Meanwhile, the Qatari-UN partnership has become an example for the good of peoples, peace and stability in the world.

Moreover, the Qatar has maintained its advanced positions in all global indexes despite the blockade, and has achieved quantum leaps in infrastructure, urban renaissance, and the World Cup projects, as well as unprecedented breakthroughs in the fields of economy, trade, industry, agriculture, transport, sports and culture

The Qatari people will continue the march of building and defending the homeland whatever the difficulties or challenges, armed with the spirit of resilience and challenge.

Source: QNA and Al Raya