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Posted On: 8 October 2013 09:20 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Qatar locals object to Zidane ‘head butt’ statue

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Qatar residents have had a mixed reaction towards the recently installed five metre bronze state depicting two fighting footballers on the Corniche. According to Doha News, the reactions range from admiration and respect to amusement, bewilderment, anger and disappointment. The statue depicts French footballer Zinedine Zidane head butting Marco Materazzi during an infamous moment during the 2006 World Cup. However, since its instalment some locals have reacted negatively by saying it offends religious sensibilities. Doha News reported that depictions of living creatures, such as humans and animals, are discouraged in Islam, over concerns of challenges to the monotheistic faith. \ A local stated on his twitter account: “Who is this Zidane to be honoured by such a statue?! And what did he do for Qatar?! Should anyone who deserves to be honoured receive that honour at the expense of our religion and beliefs?!” In 2010 it was reported Zidane was paid $15m for his role as an ambassador as part of Qatar's successful bid to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup. “Beyond the victory of Qatar, this is especially a victory for the Arab world and the Middle East. This is what touched me most. It’s nice to have something new. It was nice to show that football belongs to everyone," Zidane said in a statement. "They said that Qatar was less likely [to win] because it is a small country. But Qatar represents the Arab world and today that is the logic that has prevailed. I am proud of this victory,” he added. Other high profile stars who were attached to the Qatar bid included Pep Guardiola, Argentina’s Gabriel Batistuta and Holland’s Ronald de Boer.