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Posted On: 22 December 2009 02:57 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Qatar Living irks citizens for disrespect of National Day

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Disparaging remarks about National Day celebrations on a popular local website have upset many in the local community, says a young national. Some remarks against the festivities and the people of Qatar as well as Asian expatriates were in bad taste and smack of racism, said Mohamed Al Jufairi, a civil engineer. “We are quite upset and writing to some major corporations which advertise on this website to withdraw their patronage,” he told this newspaper in a brief interview yesterday. Al Jufairi said he has received American education right from school to university levels and know what constructive criticism is. “But the comments about Qatari nationals and National Day are really humiliating.” “We are all for freedom of expression but that does not mean you cross boundaries and heap insults on us,” he said. Remarks that all Qataris are arrogant and egoists are not correct since a large number of them are simple-minded and good people. “Some of us may be bad but to say that all of us are arrogant cannot be true.” The people who made derogatory remarks about Qatar and its people should look back at their own countries and see what happens there during New Year festivities, for instance. “Worst things happen in the West,” said Al Jufairi, insisting that nothing short of an apology from the website would calm tempers. Other nationals this newspaper spoke to yesterday also expressed disappointment on the humiliating comments posted by several expatriates on this popular website. Fahad Al Marri said, “The National Day was an opportunity for celebrating and if some faulty acts occurred during the celebration, it might be committed by handful of minors. Generalising individual behaviour over all Qataris was absolutely a fatal mistake. The people of Qatar respect celebrations of other people and the least thing they deserve is a mutual respect.” Radhi Al Hajeri said, “I do not agree with the comments posted by visitors of that website as Qatar is known for its capability of organising leading events. Expatriate who complained of congestions and overcrowding had the facility of alternative routes. Why didn’t they use it?” Mohamed Al Mullah said, “This is our National Day and it is our basic right to celebrate. It true, some youth due to their age had exaggerated in showing their happiness”. Abduhamid Al Riyahi said, “I wonder why those bloggers have commented this way. All I noticed that expatriates including westerners had shared the happiness with their Qatari counterparts. Such comments were absolutely baseless”.