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Posted On: 29 November 2020 05:06 pm

Qatar is runner-up in FameLab International 2020 competition

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This year Qatar national winner AHMED Maani, an IT and technology teacher at Qatar Science and Technology Secondary school not only made it through to the International final of FameLab – a global science communication competition - last night (Thursday, November 26) but also became the runner up in the international competition.

He was among 20 scientists from all over the world to compete for the top spot, having been crowned the winner of the Qatar National competition back in July.

Usually held at the Cheltenham Science Festival in London, this year’s event , which is run in partnership with the British Council, was slightly different with finalists competing online – delivering three-minute presentations on a range of topics from the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – with Ahmed focusing his around data security and encryption.

FameLab, the science communication competition owned by Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK, and delivered globally by the British Council, is brought to Qatar in partnership with Qatar National Research Fund – a member of Qatar Foundation (QF) and supported by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Speaking about the competition, Ahmed Maani, said: “The FameLab competition is one of the wonderful experiences that I have had in my life, which added to my science communication skill, scientific research and the content presentation, and the most important thing I have learnt in this experience is that; with perseverance, persistence and hard work, achievements happen.

Thanks to Allah first, I wont be able to achieve except through the cooperative work where I cannot deny my friends and family support. I would like to dedicate this achievement to Qatar, that supports the educational development and provide platforms to scientific research, the British Council, Qatar National Research Fund, Qatar Science Technology Secondary school, Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Cheltenham Festival in the UK.

Sam Ayton, Director of the British Council Qatar said, “I am delighted at the overwhelming response that FameLab has had again this year, in spite of the global pandemic that prevented FameLab national winners from 20 countries from coming together in the UK this year as part of Cheltenham Science Festival, I was excited to see FameLab International finals delivered in a new way and engaging audience digitally. Congratulations to Qatar FameLab National winner, Ahmed for making it to the FameLab International and becoming runner up. We are proud to work with our partners Qatar National Research Fund and Ministry of Education and Higher Education in this increasingly important area”

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director, QNRF, added: “FameLab is providing us with a steady stream of talented and capable STEM communicators whose ideas are impactful at both the national and global levels. We are all rooting for Ahmed and congratulate him on the success he has achieved so far representing Qatar in FameLab International 2020. His journey as a teacher and as a competitor will certainly inspire students across Qatar to pursue their scientific passions and excel in them to raise
Qatar’s flag around the world.”

The FameLab International final can still be viewed online, If you missed it, view it here:

Source: Press Release