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Posted On: 31 December 2014 11:20 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Qatar donates 2,000kg of goods to the cause and to support the 'Egypt is Warm' Campaign

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DHL Express Regional Community Drive

DHL, the world’s leading logistics service provider, recently chartered one of its Bahrain-based aircraft in support of a regional community drive that saw a total of 15 tonnes of blankets and clothes collected from Qatar and other Gulf states, being flown to Egypt and dispatched to areas suffering from severe weather conditions. This is the second year running that DHL Express mobilizes its resources in support of the ‘Egypt is Warm’ campaign following the extreme cold spell that hit the country last year.

The Egyptian Embassies and representative consulates across Qatar, the Kingdoms of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Kuwait, gathered blankets and clothes donated by corporates and individuals in each country, in a pre-emptive effort to provide a bit of warmth to the areas of Egypt that are most likely to be stricken by very cold temperatures.

DHL coordinated the collection of the consignments from each Gulf country and transported them to the company’s regional HUB in Bahrain where a DHL aircraft was commissioned to deliver all 15 tonnes to Egypt to be distributed in key locations across the country. Qatar donated a total of 2,000kgs to this cause.

"Giving back to the communities in which we operate is a vital part of the company’s core value system; at DHL, social responsibility is not an option, it is our way of life and wherever possible, we try to do our bit to help our fellow citizens. ‘Egypt is Warm’ is one of the many notable causes where we felt we could utilize our resources to make a difference. The efforts exerted by the Embassies and consulates in Qatar and cross the Gulf countries are commendable and we are happy to have played an integral part in spreading some warmth to those in need”, commented Nour Suliman, CEO of DHL Express Middle East and North Africa.

DHL Express delivered the thousands of blankets and clothes to the Egyptian NGO “Misr Il Khair” who were selected to distribute the items to the most affected areas due to their extensive experience, reach and know-how across the country.