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Posted On: 26 July 2012 09:43 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Qatar Coral to Instagram Doha with #Ramadangram

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Qatar Coral for Real Estate Development L.L.C, today announced the launch of its social media campaign driven through Instagram for Ramadan titled “#Ramadangram”. Leveraging, the much popular mobile photo-sharing app Instagram which took the country by storm, Qatar Coral’s Ramadangram, a one week contest starting from 29thJuly to 5th August 2012 will include the Garangao night wherein the people of Qatar would not only get the unique opportunity to capture and showcase their special Ramadan moments through their eyes but also win some cool prizes which would include iPads and a Nikon D-90 DSLR camera. There is no doubt that Instagram; the photo sharing app recently bought by Facebook makes a pretty picture. Both professional photographers and regular shutterbugs have taken to the app to make even the most ordinary images extraordinary with Instagram’s many filters and editing features. Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Ziad El Khalil, Executive Director of Qatar Coral For Real Estate Development L.L.C said, “Mobile photography being on the rise, we felt that Instagram, with its focus on imagery (as opposed to language) was the perfect platform to carry out such an creative initiative in which people from all walks of life would enjoy this exhilarating journey of capture and share. #Ramandangram is about capturing the essence of Ramadan especially occasions like Garangao through your lens which would then be turned into extraordinary images by the use of Instagram, and finally sharing those images with others”. “Through this campaign, we hope to not only bring together the people of Qatar during the Holy month of Ramadan but as Qatar Coral connects with our valuable customers because after all ‘a picture speaks a thousand words”, he further added. The campaign commencing on 29th July 2012 will have a daily winner who will get a chance to win the latest iPad followed by a special prize of Nikon D-90 camera which would be awarded to the winner of the “Best Garangao Picture” taken on the Garangao night. The campaign which ends on 5th August 2012, would require the participants to have an Instagram and Twitter account to participate. The winners will be contacted via a message in their Twitter inbox and will be announced to the public at 12 AM (midnight) every night on Qatar Coral’s Facebook page. To participate in Ramadangram, All you need is a smartphone follow 3 easy steps: Step 1 - Click a picture using Instagram Step 2 - Select the picture and edit it to your satisfaction Step 3 - In the caption bar of Instagram type in ‘@qatarcoral#ramandangram (along with your desired caption), geo-tag your location and upload it on your twitter and Facebook page and you are done. Winners will be contacted via Twitter and the winning names will also be announced on Qatar Coral’s Facebook page, which have become an interactive platform for Qatar Coral to engage with its fans. Qatar Coral had recently launched their twin plush towers VB22 and VB23 which offer contemporary residence at the heart of the most exciting destination in the State of Qatar. For further information on the “#Ramadangram Campaign” including terms and conditions, please visit Qatar Coral website or their Facebook page. image-2.png