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Posted On: 20 January 2010 03:02 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Qatar clarifies stand on letter to the US State Department

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A Qatar Foreign Ministry official source clarified their stand regarding a statement issued by ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt on 17/1/2010 commenting on the clarification Qatar has made regarding the authenticity of the letter requested from the US about the Palestinian cause and the Peace Process. The official source assured in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on Monday, that the memo Qatar addressed to the US State Department included what had been agreed upon on part of the Arab ministerial committee members concerned with following up the Arab peace initiative in their consultative meeting held in New York on 26/09/2009 . During that meeting it has been agreed upon that Qatar in its capacity as Chairman of the Arab Summit has to inform that (what has been agreed upon by the Arab peace initiative’s follow-up committee) to the American side. Qatar has already and completely conveyed the content of what has been agreed upon to the US side. Part of what has been conveyed to the American side was a request to get a letter in light of the talks held with the US Presidential Special Envoy Senator George Mitchell through which it was asked from the US Adminiration to offer guarantees concerning the peace process. It is worth to mention that Egypt has participated in the aforesaid meeting in its capacity as a member to the aforemeioned committee and has approved what had been agreed upon. The source made it clear that Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa has then lauded the accuracy of the memorandum submitted to the US Administration and conveying honestly what had been agreed upon at that meeting. It further said that the statement issued by the Foreign Ministry and the clarifications offered by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud on 14/1/2010 about the matter were enough to clarify the facts entirely in a very clearcut and straight manner to remove any confusion, doubt or ambiguity. The remarks Arab League Secretary General made on Saturday 16/1/2010 had underlined what had been clarified by the official source of Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs about such a matter where he , Amr Moussa, said, “We stressed the need that we should receive a written message of the content of what has been discussed and agreed upon in the Arab meeting with Mitchell.’’ The Arab League Secretary General pointed out that the memo despatched by Qatar, has aleady been received and that he, Moussa, has already distributed it to the committee members of the Arab Peace initiative. The Foreign Ministry source referred to its wonder of the allegation mentioned in the statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs to the effect that the memo Qatar addressed to the American side lacks of lots of required precision or accuracy, weak in shape and feeble in content. The Qatari source made clear that the aforesaid memo has in fact included what hav been agreed upon by the Arab ministers members of the committee in letter and spirit in the aforementioned meeting. If the brethren in Egypt view that what have been agreed upon in the Arab committee were weak in shape, feeble in content and lacks of precision and accuracy, it would have been better for them to object to in time or inform the Arab League General Secretariat of it via the diplomatic channels as demanded by the source instead of giving remarks or statements of no use and in such a style that could not serve the Arab position vis-a- vis the peace process and the palestinian cause. The Qatari Foreign Ministry Official Source further said that the official source at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has tried anew in its statements to raise doubts on submitting the guarantees letter and described the request as a memo and not a message or a letter. The Qatari Foreign Ministry Official Source questioned whether there was a difference in practices of the states or the diplomatic norms between the memo and the message , both of them are used for the same purpose. In reply to what has been stated in the statement of the official source at the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry to the effect that this comes as part of a propaganda launched aganist the Arab Republic of Egypt and a distortion of the Egyptian Stance, the Qatari Official Source made it clear that the brethren in the Arab Republic of Egypt were the first to launch several statements affecting Qatar and in various occasions. The source went on to say that we chose not to respond in a timely manner but given the persistence of these fallacies, we find it necessary to clarify them and outline our position toward them. Concluding its statement, the source stressed the need to focus efforts to restore the Arab rights, lift the siege and suffering imposed on the brotherly Palestinian people and stay away from nips and tucks that do not serve the Arab interests. QNA