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Posted On: 2 June 2021 06:10 pm

Cabinet approves draft law on combating conflicts of interest

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H.E. Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al-Thani chaired the Cabinet's regular meeting held at its seat at the Amiri Diwan on Wednesday.

Following the meeting, H.E. Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Dr. Issa bin Saad Al Jafali Al Nuaimi issued the following statement:

At the beginning of the meeting, the Cabinet was briefed by H.E. Minister of Public Health on the latest developments in efforts to curb Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Cabinet affirmed the continuation of work with the precautionary measures taken to combat the pandemic.

Then, the cabinet considered the topics on the agenda as follows:

Combating conflicts of interest

First, the approval of the draft law on combating conflicts of interest and referring it to the Shura Council.

The draft law included, among its provisions, defining the employee as every person who occupies a position or a job, whether permanently or temporarily, in one of the bodies to which the provisions of this law apply, and whoever is entrusted by the court to carry out a mission of arbitrators, experts and bankruptcy administrators, liquidators and judicial guards, as the case may be.

The definition of a conflict of interest is any situation in which an employee or a person associated with him has a material or moral interest that conflicts or is likely to conflict with the duties or responsibilities of his position or job, including his commitment to integrity, impartiality, and the preservation of public money and the public interest.

And the preventive measures that the employee must, according to the provisions of the draft law, disclose cases that may lead to a conflict of interest when occupying the position or position, by completing the disclosure form prepared for this purpose, and submitting it to the department or unit concerned with legal affairs or its representative in the entity to which it belongs.

Undersecretaries of the Ministry and those of their ranks shall submit the aforementioned disclosure form to the ministers they report to. Ministers and those of their ranks shall submit the aforementioned disclosure form to the Prime Minister.

Cases of conflict of interest where the employee is prohibited from doing any act or behavior, or making a decision, related to an act of his job or position, or abstaining from it, if it constitutes or results in a conflict of interest.

And mechanisms to combat conflict of interest, where the employee must, in the event of any conflict of interest, disclose it immediately, and prevent any harm to the public interest, and in this, he may waive the interest that results in the conflict or leave the position or public position he occupies.

The employee may be dismissed, transferred or suspended from work, as the case may be.

Second, Approval of draft law regulating unmanned aircraft.

Doha University for Science and Technology

Third - Approval of a draft Amiri decision to establish Doha University for Science and Technology.

The university aims to provide the state with specialists, technicians and experts, by preparing specialized cadres, with university qualifications of all degrees, trained academically, applied, technical and professional in areas that meet the needs of society, government agencies, institutions and various sectors, in order to achieve the goals of human, social and economic development in the state, and to achieve its objectives, the university shall approve and grant the appropriate university degrees and certificates in accordance with the provisions of this resolution.

Medical examination for members of private security services companies

Fourth - Approval of a draft decision of the Minister of Interior defining the medical examination and the rules and levels of medical fitness for members of private security services companies.

The draft decision was prepared within the framework of issuing executive decisions for the provisions of Law No 19 of 2009 Regulating the Provision of Private Security Services 19 / 2009.

Other agenda:

Fifth - Approval of the participation of the National Tourism Council in:

  • United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA).
  • The Australian Federation of Travel Agents Limited (AFTA).

Sixth - The Council of Ministers reviewed the following two issues and took the appropriate decision:

1- 6th annual report on the results of the work of the National Explosives Commission for the period from Dec.1 - 31, 2020.

2- Report (49)on the results of the work of the National Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons during the period from August 1 - 30, 2021.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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