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Posted On: 14 July 2020 09:53 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:22 pm

Qatar Authors Forum hosted novelist Isa Abdullah

Sumaica Asad
Sumaica Asad
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Within the Child Literature Initiative supervised and managed by the author and artist Lina Al Ali, Qatar Authors Forum hosted the novelist and Director of the Cultural Creativity Center Isa Abdullah to discuss the role of adolescent novels in child literature, and the session was broadcast on YouTube.

Isa talked about his novelistic trilogy addressed to youth, which is considered the first of its kind in the history of Qatari literature, and which he considered a source of pride, especially that it will be translated into English and published in the coming period.

He pointed out that his choice of writing in this kind of literature is due to the scarcity of works targeting this age group, which he noticed when he was younger, and this choice is successful because of the lack of works in this field in the Arab world, specifically in Qatar.

He also stressed the importance of salons and cultural meetings that enrich and open the fields of writing for some novelists and motivate some of them who have turned away from writing to return to creativity.

He considered that Qatar Authors Forum has come a long way in this field, especially with the sessions broadcasted on social media.

He considered that the value of the book lies in its content, images and goals and that there is no difference between paper copies and electronic copies in terms of value. Each of them has its audience, and the most important thing is to motivate all age groups to read.

Meanwhile, the Qatar Authors Forum broadcast through its channel, YouTube, a special writing session for people with special needs, during which it hosted Hussein Khalil, the legal researcher specializing in the field of people with visual impairments in Qatar. The session was moderated by writer Mokhtar Khawaja, a member of the Qatar Authors Forum.

At the beginning of the session, Khalil defined visual impairment as being a total or partial disability in the visual sense, whether the disability was due to an accident or a genetic or a result of chronic disease and others, stressing that there are many blind people who have succeeded in entering difficult fields even in the field of technological development and programming and distinguished in this field.

He noted that countries have become aware of the importance of educating the blind and engaging them in society, which made them sign many international agreements to protect the rights of the blind, saying that the State of Qatar was a leader in ratifying international agreements and making the agreements implemented by the force of law, including the Marrakesh agreement and the disabled persons agreement. He also praised the efforts of the Qatar National Library that enabled all blind people to access digital works through special accounts created for them.

Source: Qatar News Agency
Image credit: Qatari Authors Forum