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Posted On: 3 May 2009 09:11 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Qatar Airways denies charging nationals more

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Qatar Airways has denied it charges more from nationals for flying the airline. “Reports suggesting that tickets for fellow nationals are priced higher are baseless,” Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker told the Central Municipal Council in a communication addressed to its legal committee. The head of the committee, Sheikha Al Jefairi, told this newspaper that the letter was sent by Qatar Airways after it inquired from the airline if the allegations were true. “We (Qatar Airways) as a global airline carrier are committed to abiding by the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA),” said Al Baker. “Ticket prices are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Qatar” The CAA makes sure that airline carriers operating in Doha are following IATA regulations. Al Baker added: “There are no provisions in any of the regulations, which allows carriers to change ticket prices based on the passenger’s nationality… QA’s tariff is declared to all international reservation offices, and prices can also be found on the airline’s website.” “We don’t have any special prices for certain nationalities because that would go against all local and international laws and customs” said Al Baker. Al Baker also pointed out that QA had recently reduced its ticket prices to and from Qatar in line with diminishing fuel prices and operational costs — a move made by the airline to appeal to international air travellers. Al Jefairi said she would like to meet the head of the CAA to have the issue clarified further. “We are not trying to work against the airline. What we are hearing from the public is different from what the airline is telling us,” she said.