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Posted On: 15 February 2012 10:42 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Prolonged construction: Salwa Road shop owners seek compensation

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Owners of shop along the Salwa road are urging the government compensation for what they say are huge monetary losses caused due to prolonged construction and maintenance activities going on in the area. The maintenance and excavation works at the commercial streets have affected commercial activities tremendously, forcing many people out of business. Undue delays in the completion of the project are causing the businesses huge losses, local daily Al Sharq reported yesterday. Business owners are incurring huge losses as they have to pay huge rents for shops and hefty salaries for their staffs. They were of the opinion that once the constriction activities are over, they will crawl back to business and sustain it. However, the indefinite delay in the completion of the project has forced many people out of business and work. With zero flow of income coming from their business combined with huge losses (in terms of rent and salaries) since the last five years have pauperized the shop-owners. The project in question have already taken two years of extra time which has already caused shutting of a number of shops as customers are not able to have access to the market because of the barriers erected along the street. Shops and automobile-showroom owners are asking to the concerned government to develop an integrated market in the area so that they can re-start their business and compensate the losses caused by the project. Yousuf Al Zaman, a law expert, said: “There are a lot construction activities going on, but we have no system of imputing the loss caused by such activities. Utmost care should be taken before the formal beginning of a construction project as it throws normal activities out of gear.” For instance, a big project at the Shaare Kahraba, which is being developed by one of the biggest construction companies, has also placed barriers and blockade along the roadside creating great inconvenience for the daily commuters. The Peninsula