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Posted On: 25 October 2011 06:38 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Project launched to ‘Arabize’ Twitter

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A move to “Arabize” the Twitter is gaining ground after more than 400 users in Qatar and neighbouring countries of the popular social network gathered last evening at Sharq Village & Spa to work on a project for this initiative. The “Arabized” initiative which will be extended to nine Arab countries aims to support and enrich the digital Arabic content by offering a variety of specialised topics supported by the global search engines. During the gathering, the group called Arab Ambassadors of Twitters launched the official website which will serve as platform for the Arabizing the Twitter project and where volunteers can fill out the form to participate in the initiative. At a forum during the meeting, Mohammed Saeed Hareb, author and director of the top-rating cartoon series “Freij” in Dubai stressed in his presentation the importance of animation in the Arab world as a basic digital Arabic content that influences all ages. He noted that the series “Freij” managed to celebrate the traditions and heritage of the Arab Gulf, through the story of four grandmother friends, living in a secluded neighborhood in the heart of modern Dubai. Ammar Mohammed of the Ambassadors Twitter Arab explained in his presentation that this is the first initiative in coordination with Twitter administrators to develop Twitter Arabic content. After completing the project, Ammar said this will be presented to six million Arabs in the Gulf for them support through a vote calling on Twitter to open the doors for the Arabic version of its content. The Arab Ambassadors have clarified volunteers who will help push for Arabic content on Twitter will at least have skills on the Arabic language including proofreading and grammar, technical know-how on web development and background on media work in both electronic and printed outlets.