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Posted On: 2 April 2013 03:33 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Premiere of ‘Waiting for Go Doha’ to be staged at Hamad International Airport

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“Waiting for Go, Doha” will see its world premiere at a star-studded red carpet event at the new Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar later this year. Adapted from Samuel Beckett’s classic “Waiting for Godot” [En Attendant Godot], the play will be performed in the original French, though adapted to the local context here in Qatar. Vladimir Estragon, one of the world’s leading infrastructure delay analysts, says that the repeated pushback of the official opening date of Hamad International Airport is actually a well-thought strategy to prolong enthusiasm and continually give the community something to look forward to. “It’s pure genius,” says Estragon, “It is a genius way to perpetually deliver a top-notch experience based on a healthy dose of anticipation and actualisation.” “Waiting for Go, Doha” will mark the culmination of a series of cultural events to celebrate the opening of the new international airport. It will also highlight Qatar’s French connection and strengthen thriving Qatari-French relations. “Qatar already has a close relationship with France, as you are all aware through it’s steady, somewhat aggressive stream of acquisitions in the country. Waiting for Godot is probably the most significant play of the 20th century and one of France’s most distinguished literary exports. It is only fitting that Qatar adapt this work of art to inaugurate the grand opening of HIA,“ said an official from the Ministry of French Affairs in Qatar, who could not be reached for comment. The play will have elements of a reality show mixed with a meta-narrative which takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the process of the making of Hamad International Airport. Sources close to the director also hinted at a twist in the tale at the end, which traditionally wraps with Godot actually never really making an appearance. “Waiting for Go, Doha” will be staged at the departures terminal of Hamad International Airport on December 11th, 2013. Tickets are not available to the general public, as the premiere is limited to celebrities and the passengers on the inaugural flights. However, residents of Qatar can volunteer to roll and unroll the carpets, prior to and following the show. Prior experience handling red carpets is required. Photo Credit: Hamad International Airport INSIDE SQOOP