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Posted On: 16 May 2016 06:50 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Police Chief Opens Humanitarian Services Office

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The Director General of Public Security HE Staff Maj. Gen. Saad bin Jassim Al-Khulaifi today morning launched the Humanitarian Services Office that offers simplified procedures for the repatriation of the deceased abroad or their burial inside the country. The office has been set up in coordination between Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hamad Medical Corporation, General Authority of Customs, Qatar Airways, Public Prosecution and other concerned authorities.

The office which is managed by the Unified Services Department of the MoI, will provide a great relief for complication faced by the residents in the country for repatriating the deceased abroad as it offers single window system to complete all formalities related with repatriation of the dead bodies outside Qatar or burial inside.

The new unified service office is located straightly behind Hamad hospital mortuary, close to HR Department of the HMC and Ritaj hotel, assures the humanitarian concern of the Ministry of Interior in delivery of its services for the public. Now the relatives of the deceased can complete the procedures within hours under a single roof and the office works seven days a week from 7am- 9pm.

Later, speaking at a press conference and community briefing held to introduce the newly opened Humanitarian Services Office, Col. Ahmed Zayed Al-Mihannadi, director of Community Policing Department said that the new office will simplify procedures of repatriation of the deceased or their burial inside the country for expatriate and provide them a great relief for the problems they faced in this case. He added that all the administrative fees for different certificates and papers for repatriation of the dead bodies or buries in Qatar have been cancelled. Col. Al-Muhannadi also requested cooperation of embassies and community heads to accelerate process of repatriation of the deceased.

Dr. Salim Al-Marri from Ministry of Public Heath said that the Humanitarian Services Office was set up after a study with involvement of all stakeholders such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hamad Medical Corporation, General Authority of Customs and Qatar Airways. He stressed that Qatar is in forefront of the countries that offer all services of repatriation of the deceased under a single roof.

The vision of the office is to ensure easy and quick repatriation of the deceased with minimum efforts and procedures and the mission is to promote humanitarian bonds with different community members through supporting them especially in the times of distress.

The objectives of the office include asserting the humanitarian role played by different official authorities in State of Qatar in providing necessary services of public through a single window system, finishing all procedures and formalities related to dead body repatriation at a single place considering the humanitarian part of relatives of the deceased offering them effortless service in minimum time and accelerating the procedures and completing them inside the same office and to provide all possible assistance to the relatives in coordination with all partner authorities involved in providing the service.

All citizens and expatriate communities residing in the State of Qatar and the citizens of GCC countries will be benefitting from this office after following the customary procedures and a team in the office will work to provide all support to speed up the procedures of repatriation or burial.

The procedures will be completed as a result of team work between Ministry of Interior (Security Departments – Police Stations and Forensic Centre), Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Airways, Public Prosecution, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Consular Affairs) and the coordinators in Embassies and Consulates.

The procedures start from the counter of Hamad Medical Corporation by issuing death certificate and feeding the data of the deceased, then the counter of the Ministry of Public Health verifies the data of the deceased and issues necessary certificates for completing the procedures of various departments under the Ministry of Interior. The counter of the Qatar Airways issues the cargo policy for repatraition of the dead body and the tickets for the passengers accompnying the bodies.

Then, the Consular Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates between the Office and embassies for the issuance of No Objection Certificate from the Embassy in order to repatriate the body outside the country as soon as possible.

The contact details of the counters in the Humanitarian are Ministry of Interior (40253371 / 40253372 / 40253369), Ministry of Health (40253370 / 40253364), Hamad Medical Corporation (40253368 / 40253365) and Qatar Airways (40253374). The fax number of the office is 40380855.

Necessary Procedures and Documents for Obtaining the Services from the Humanitarian Services Office

Procedures of Hamad Medical Corporation (Counter Nos. 1 & 2)

Required Documents and Procedures :-

Passport of the deceased .

ID Card of the person who reports the death.

Filling up the death registration form.

Collection of the death report issued by the doctor.

Procedures of Ministry of Public Health (Counter Nos. 3 & 4)

Required Procedures and Documents :-

Collection of the death report issued by Hamad Medical Corporation.

Collection of the passport of the deceased.

Collection of the ID Card of the person who reports the death.

Collection of the death registration form.

Collection of the consent form for handing over the dead body issued by the police (if the death occurred outside the hospital).

The Ministry of Public Health Issues the Following Documents :-

Death Certificate.

Embalming Certificate .

Documents for repatriating the bodies outside Qatar (Letter to Customs, Letter to health department official in the country of the deceased and letter to Mortuary.

Issuance of death declaration.

Procedures of the Ministry of Interior ( Counter Nos. 5, 6 & 7) :-

Issuance of the “To Whom It May Concern” certificate.

Cancellation of the residence permit of the deceased.

Exit permit for the dead bodies.

Required Documents for the Cancellation of the Residence Permit :-

Copy of the death certificate.

Residence permit cancellation application.

Copy of the ID Card of the sponsor.

Original ID Card or Original ID Card missing report.

Passport of the deceased.

Required Documents for the Issuance of “To Whom It May Concern “ Certificate :-

Copy of the death certificate.

Copy of the embalming certificate.

Copy of the death report.

Letter from the police of the death occurred outside the hospital.

Required Documents for the Issuance of Exit Permit for the dead bodies :-

Exit declaration.

Death certificate.

Passport of the deceased.

Residence permit cancellation.

Procedures of Qatar Airways (Counter No. 8)

Issuance of cargo policy.

Issuance of the ticket for the person accompanying the dead body.

Documents Required by Qatar Airways :-

Copy of the death certificate.

Copy of the “To whom it may concern” certificate.

Letter from the Embassy.

Passport of the deceased.

Documents Required by the Embassy of the Country of the Deceased :-

(The coordination for the procedure will be done between the Humanitarian Service Office and the Embassy)

Copy of the death certificate.

Copy of the death report.

“To whom it may concern” certificate (issued by the Ministry of Interior).

The Embassy will be issuing the ‘No Objection Certificate’ to repatriate the dead bodies to the country of the deceased.