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Posted On: 7 April 2021 01:56 pm
Updated On: 7 April 2021 01:59 pm

Point system for traffic violations: Traffic Awareness Department Director

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Colonel Muhammad Radi Al-Hajri, Director of the Traffic Awareness Department, confirmed that the aim of the points system in traffic crimes is to evaluate the behaviour of drivers of vehicles and to emphasise some violations that are dangerous to others, according to Al-Sharq.

Colonel Al Hajri explained in an interview with Watani Al Habib Good Morning Program that the legislator has identified 14 points in the event that a person commits a traffic offence. Calculating points for traffic crimes are attached to this law.

Colonel Al-Hajri added that each violation has a number of points, for example cutting the traffic light is QR 6,000 riyals in the event of reconciliation and 7 points. As for speed control, for each speed, there are certain points.

The revocation of the driving license shall be for traffic crimes committed by the driver and proven against him, for the periods indicated below, if the total number of points reaches the limit indicated next to each of them:

  1. For a period of (3) three months if the total points reached (14) fourteen points in the first time.
  2. For a period of (6) six months if the total points reach (12) twelve points in the second time.
  3. For a period of (9) nine months if the total points reached (10) ten points in the third time.
  4. For a year, if the total number of points reaches (8) eight points in the fourth time.

      The driving license is permanently withdrawn if the total number of points reaches (6) six points in the fifth time, and in this case, a new driving license is not granted until after passing the test stipulated in Article (31) of this law, and after at least one year from the date of withdrawing the driving license.

      The licensing authority records points for traffic crimes for which a final judgment was passed in conviction or reconciliation was made, and the draw times are recorded.

      Points are automatically deleted in the following two cases:

      1. If the driving license is withdrawn in accordance with the provisions of the previous article.
      2. If the driver has not committed any other traffic crime within a year of the date of committing the last crime.

      In all cases, withdrawal times shall remain recorded for reference when necessary

      The Director of the Traffic Awareness Department indicated that violations had decreased last year as a result of the new laws, in addition to the decrease in deaths due to traffic accidents.

      Tightening traffic violations contributed to reducing the death rates from 16 to 4 deaths per 100,000 people.

      Source: Al-Sharq
      Cover image: Shutterstock