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Posted On: 3 July 2016 02:03 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Planning to buy a car? The big question of new or used

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It can be one of the toughest decisions in the process of buying a car - should I get a brand-new vehicle or a used one? Much like the decision on whether to buy or rent a car, this one too rests on a variety of factors and ultimately depends on one's priorities.

Possessing an object that is new and glittering is always a nice feeling - something that is hardly replaceable. This applies to cars as well, particularly because buying a vehicle involves a significant investment and a car also reflects the personality of its user in many ways. Along with the aspirational factor, a new car often gives a person a sense of fulfilment and a reason to be proud of.

In more tangible terms, buying a new car often makes more sense as maintenance costs are generally lower as compared to used ones. This is because the car is likely to remain in good condition and major problems will not appear in the first few years. One does not have to bother about breakdowns and glitches that are usually associated with older cars. Peace of mind is what one gets from a new car, provided - of course - that one treats the vehicle well or is not plain unlucky.

For people with families, in particular, a new car is generally a more reliable option than a used one. You don't want the engine to stall while taking your kid to school. The benefit of full insurance is another factor that may prompt a person to buy a new car. This option is generally not available after a few years.

One can also get good deals while buying, especially if it coincides with a season - such as Ramadan - when dealers come up with a range of special offers and promotions. These include free registration, special warranty/service packages, free goodies (such as iPads and TVs), free glass tinting and more.

Those looking to get a car can also get the right combination - features, specifications, colour, accessories, etc - while buying a new car. They need not compromise on creature comforts.

Buying a used car, too, comes with its share of benefits and the most important of these is price. Many people do not want to dig deep into their resources to buy a car. For them, a car is a necessity and any decent vehicle would do. And then there are those who want to drive fancy cars but may not be able to afford new ones. For them, many such cars can be found at reasonable rates.

With a large number of used car dealers in town, as well as individual sellers who advertise their cars online, the options available for potential buyers are many. One can come across great deals for ordinary as well as luxury and performance cars and there is something for everybody.

One also does not have to take a huge bank loan to buy a used car unless going for a really fancy vehicle. This is a big factor as many people could be wary of the risks involved in taking big loans, even if they can afford to pay the EMIs.

Ascertaining the condition of a used car is also easy as there are many centres (on Salwa Road, Airport Road, for example) that offer car-checking facilities.

The biggest deterrent when it comes to buying a new car is, understandably, the price and the consequent need to take a big loan. Despite being able to afford it, many people choose not to go for a new car because of the bigger financial commitment involved than buying an old vehicle.

One may want to buy a new car but has to settle for something less than desired due to the price. On the other hand, there are plenty of used car options available in the market that give people the opportunity to drive the vehicle of their dreams without having to spend a fortune.

The value of cars depreciates fast here and one feels the pinch a lot more while trying to sell a first-hand vehicle, in general. On the contrary, selling a used car involves a smaller loss.

Buying used cars, too, has its pitfalls. The most common concern for buyers pertains to reliability and the running condition. While car-checking facilities are easily available, worries may persist and niggling problems may crop up later, especially with older used cars.

Not all motorists handle their cars with care and a buyer, if not careful, may have the misfortune of purchasing a car from one such user. It may spell trouble for the buyer sooner or later.

One needs to get the tall claims of sellers - individuals or agencies - checked thoroughly. They should take, if possible, the advice of more than one person whom they trust in this regard - especially if they are relative novices with cars.

A person may end up paying a hefty sum on maintenance and servicing if they buys a used car without getting it checked properly and by falling for the promises of the seller. This defeats the purpose of buying a used car.

There are other factors, too, for deciding in favour of a new or used car. Identify your priorities, do some research and seek advice - then do what suits you best.