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Posted On: 15 November 2021 05:41 pm
Updated On: 15 November 2021 05:52 pm

Pink water body found in Qatar; goes viral!

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Pink water body found in Qatar; goes viral!

Pink water body has been found in the northern area of Qatar and the phenomenon has gone viral on social media, especially on Twitter where users posted videos and pictures of it. The Ministry of Environment has been called in to find out the cause of the pink water. They have collected samples from the water so they can further study it and conduct tests to understand why the water is pink and where it came from.

One Twitter user claims that the water body is pink because the water is salty and high in temperature due to the lack of rain in the area, but this has not been verified by the Ministry of Environment, while another Twitter user said it could be chemical pollution, maybe a dump for some companies, or a leaked chemical.

Since the cause of the pink water is not known, the public is urged to not go and explore the area till the Ministry of Environment is able to verify why the water is pink

Once the Ministry reveals the cause of the water, we will update this developing story.

Source and cover image credit: Mohamad AlFayyad