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Posted On: 31 January 2017 04:55 am
Updated On: 3 April 2019 12:55 pm

Petrol, diesel to cost more from February 1

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Petrol prices will go up by 5-10 dirhams from February 1, according to the new price list issued by the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

Super grade petrol will cost QR1.65, 10 dirhams more than January price, while premium grade petrol price has gone up by 5 dirhams to QR1.55.

Diesel will cost QR1.50, up by 5 dirhams from January price of QR1.40, as per the list published by the ministry.
The ministry posted the prices on its website in line with the decision to review fuel prices every month, based on international prices.

The ministry announced in April that it will start pegging the fuel prices to the international market.

When the first list was announced in June the premium petrol was QR1.20 per litre and super was QR1.30 per litre. In June diesel was QR1.40 per litre.

From June to February, the price of super and premium grade petrol has increased by 35 dirhams and diesel by 10 dirhams. (Source)