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Posted On: 11 August 2013 12:42 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Perseid meteor shower to light up Qatari sky tonight

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The Qatari sky will brighten up with a spectacular celestial event a little after midnight today as the dazzling Perseid meteor showers will flare providing a treat to the eyes. The spectacular celestial event can be watched in Qatar with the naked eye from a little after midnight today until early dawn, a prominent Qatari astronomer said. The best viewing comes from midnight to dawn Sheikh Salman bin Jabor Al Thani said: “So enthusiasts of celestial events in the country must not miss watching them. The showers will be prominently visible in the northeast of the sky.” The showers, which comprise bright and numerous fireballs consisting of gas and dust will repeat later tomorrow night as well, and continue until the wee hours of Tuesday. The fireballs will be travelling at a speed of 211,000kmph. Al Thani said there is no cause for worry as there is no danger. As the fireballs would burn out, the dust and gas released would be retained in the earth’s atmosphere. The fireballs are nothing but comet fragments. Al Thani, who heads the space and astronomical studies division at the Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) said: “This year’s Perseid meteors will visible by the hundreds at a time.” He said that Qatar’s Center for Space and Astronomy has the latest technology to monitor the meteor showers and photographs of the spectacular event will be taken. The Perseids take their name from Perseus, the hero of ancient Greek myth born from a shower of heavenly gold. Source:Qatar Chronicle