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18 December 2017 03:37 pm

Patriotic poems in honor of Qatar National Day 2017

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Qatar is home to many talented people. One of ILQ’s contributors, Asad Bisati shares his talent and passion with us through his poetic words, dedicated to Qatar, the Emir, and the people for National Day 2017! Find his poems below. 

The Leader”

Take the stand if you must,
Let the demons rust,
Not the powerful can lay waste
They planned in haste
Not counting on a leader to stand 
They are lost finding claims so grand 
Not counting on Tamim to stand 
They lost for they had a weak stand 
For his nation he stands 
For his people he stands
For the right he stands 
The leader Tamim stands

“Songs Need To Be Heard”

Sing songs of valor 
Sing songs of hope 
Sing for the leader 
Sing for hope
He stands with you 
Sing for he commands you 
Raise your voices now 
Let the world hear you now 
Sing for your leader 
Sing for hope
Don’t let bigotry command you
Sing for Tamim stands by you
Sing of freedom 
Sing of hope
Sing for Tamim
He is our beacon of hope

“Wonder How?”

How can a man be so strong
How can a man stand so strong
How long can he resist
The powers at play persist
The dilemma within must overcome
A sane man would succumb
Yet for his nation he stood the test of time
The sun shined and he smiled
Not lost to words of the enemy
He stood strong for the man he be
A nation together for him to see
He stood for the world to see

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