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Posted On: 28 May 2022 08:44 pm
Updated On: 28 May 2022 09:09 pm

Parents may soon track their children's school bus movement - Centre for Geographic Information Systems

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Ministry of Municipality through CGIS works on bus tracking project for parents 20220528 1653715531 136

As reported by The Peninsula, the Ministry of Municipality represented by the Centre for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) is working on a pilot project which will enable parents to know about the movement of school buses carrying their children.

“Addressing the challenges in the movement of school buses, we launched a project gathering information from students and the movement of buses that drive them to schools,” said Assistant Director of CGIS Amer Mohammed Al Humaidi.

Speaking to Qatar Radio, he said that after analysing the data, it was found that the movement of buses needed to change. “With the support of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we redesigned the movement of buses and reached an excellent result,” said Al Humaidi.

He said that the project has been transferred to the authority concerned, the Ministry of Transport, to develop it enabling parents to know the movement of school buses carrying their children.

“Parents will know whether the bus left school and when it will reach home and whether the student who left home reached school,” said Al Humaidi. Likewise, he said, the control room of the school can track the movement of buses through GIS.

“The Ministry of Municipality allocates plots of land for building schools at places. Today, the Ministry of Municipality is studying the areas through GIS to know the number of students and newborn babies in those areas with the help of the data provided by the Qatar Statistics Authority.”

He said that the study aims at finding the need of schools in a particular area and the capacity of the existing school facilities to accommodate new students.

“Now we have built a cadastral data of Qatar with accurate spatial information through which we can address the problems on the ground, as well as to bring about solutions for future,” said Al Humaidi. He said that the accuracy rate of the project has reached 99% because of the correct factual data.

“Recently, demand arose for aerial survey for providing data and images due to huge urban development in the country and hosting of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.” Following the need, he said, the Ministry of Municipality set up a separate section for aerial surveys.

“The project already started. We purchased an aerial survey aircraft which will reach Qatar soon. We are also conducting aerial survey through unmanned aerial vehicles. We have a working team of Qatari employees and 12 drones which are being deployed as per the need to get the data quickly,” said Al Humaidi.

Source and cover image credit: The Peninsula