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Posted On: 4 July 2021 03:21 pm
Updated On: 4 July 2021 03:22 pm

Over 4,400 trees planted along Al Shamal Road

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​The Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar continues tree-planting works along Al Shamal Road, where more than 4,400 trees are being planted along both sides of this vital highway between Doha Festival City and Al Khor.

Regarding the project, Eng. Jassim Abdulrahman Fakhroo, Project Manager at the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar, said: “The importance of this plantation initiative lies in the location of the project on Al Shamal Road, which is one of the vital routes in Qatar’s highway network, as it connects several destinations and residential neighborhoods. Planting trees and increasing green areas in Qatar are among major tasks of the Committee aimed at enhancing the quality of life and improving the overall aesthetic appearance of the country.”

Eng. Jassim also added that the project works include planting 4,477 trees along 23 km of Al Shamal Road in both directions. Most of the tree species are of local origin and commensurate with the nature of Qatari environment, and characterized by their resistance to dry climatic conditions, such as Sidr tree and Acacia Arabica. These species are selected considering lesser needs for water and maintenance.

So far, about 95% of tree plantation is completed and the project is planned to be delivered in full in the third quarter of year 2021. The scope of the project also include connection with treated sewage effluent (TSE) lines for irrigation, and provision of shaded places on both sides of Al Shamal Road.

Planting works along 23 km on both sides of Al Shamal Road
Planting works along 23 km on both sides of Al Shamal Road | Image credit: Ashghal

Al Shamal Road

It is worth noting that Ashghal has recently developed Al Shamal Road with construction of service roads throughout the highway with a length of about 200 km, beginning from the north part of Doha city at Duhail Interchange until Al Shamal City in the northern tip of the state. The development works also included addition of two new interchanges at Izghawa and Umm Salal, and expansion works on three interchanges including Al Huwaila Interchange, Al Kheesa Interchange and Al Kharaitiyat Interchange, besides development works of Al Khor Road and Umm Birka Road. The expansion project also included construction of connected bicycle path along the road.

Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar

The committee works in coordination with several ministries and other entities of the State such as Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Qatar Museums Authority, Qatar Railway Company, Private Engineering Bureau among others. This Committee is responsible for five major tasks including construction of central public parks, neighborhood parks, and provision of dedicated lanes for pedestrians and bicycles, development of the Doha Corniche, development of Central Doha, and increasing trees and green areas.

The Committee’s work will contribute to enhance sustainability through minimizing environmental pollution, reducing emission of CO2 through minimized consumption and conservation of energy resources. It will also focus on provision of more public transport options aiming at reduced use of private cars and improve lifestyle through clean and safe transportation. It will also work for provision of healthy environment within residential neighborhoods and places of public gatherings through increased afforestation and landscaping, which will greatly help in reducing temperature in cities.

Source and cover image: Ashghal Qatar