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Posted On: 9 September 2013 05:37 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Orientation days at Stenden University Qatar

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Stenden University Qatar: Orientation days 2013/2014 Stenden University Qatar organized orientation days from the 3rd of September till the 5th of September. The program was designed to help new students adapt to the new academic environment and many other aspects of academic and social life at the campus. Throughout the orientation days, the freshmen received information on academic programs, study skills, IT facilities and access to extra curricular courses and activities. Students also got the chance to make a campus tour, meet lecturers, discover student services, and learn about library facilities. The orientation was also a chance for the new students to have a clear idea of student social life and extra-curricular activities such as the Debate Club and the Student Representatives Council. This event was marked by the introduction of the new Executive Dean Prof. Robert Coleen, who took over from Mr. Wayne Johnson, the former president. The new students are optimistic about the upcoming year and are very satisfied with what Stenden University has to offer for them, and by next week they will have the chance to get more contact with other returning students at the start of the 2013/2014 academic year giving the new students a bigger insight on how to deal with the following years in Stenden University Qatar. The Orientation days were a rich experience for the new students along with the older students who volunteered to help out the organizers during this week; this was much appreciated from both sides. The volunteers held several responsibilities during this week such Food and Beverages, touring with the new students around the campus, Questions and Answers sessions, a number of presentations from faculty members and the Student Representative Council (SRC) regarding study skills and techniques the new students can use in order to adapt academically and socially in Stenden University. - ILQ News -