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Posted On: 21 October 2015 01:28 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Ooredoo Rolls-Out Supernet to the Desert

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Customers Can Enjoy 4G and 4G+ Services while Camping and Dune-Bashing across Qatar’s Deserts

Ooredoo today announced the completion of its special project to roll-out the Ooredoo Supernet across Qatar’s deserts to provide 4G and 4G+ coverage in time for camping season.

The project has been designed to deliver an intensive upgrade and expansion of the Ooredoo Supernet in desert camping areas and has involved the addition of 12 new Mobile Shelters and the upgrade of 53 desert sites to 4G+ services.

In particular, Ooredoo has made significant improvements to popular camping spots across Qatar, including Ras Mattbakh, Al Ghareya, Al Mafjar, Al Negyan, Umm-Al-Zubar, Um Bab, Umm-Al-Ammad, Khor El Edeid, and Sealine.

To deliver the upgrade took months of data-gathering, studying and planning in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, aiming to fully understand the needs of campers and assess the coverage-related limitations some people faced last camping season.

Camping is an important part of Qatar’s culture and Ooredoo is striving to offer customers the best possible experience during camping season, so that people can have the peace of mind of knowing that they can always stay connected.

Waleed Al Sayed, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “When we say that the Ooredoo Supernet is designed to cover all of Qatar, we really mean it. We have enthusiastically undertaken the challenge of connecting desert and camping areas to the Ooredoo Supernet, because we know how important camping is to the people of Qatar. Wherever you travel, customers can be assured of fast Mobile Internet speeds and an excellent Internet experience with Ooredoo.”

Customers looking to take full advantage of the 4G and 4G+ speeds of the Ooredoo Supernet can do so with a wide range of products and services from Ooredoo, including the 5GB Broadband plan, Shahry or Hala Smart bundle and the all-new NETGEAR Mobile Hotspot, which provides superfast 4G+ on up to 15 devices wherever customers are in Qatar.

Ooredoo’s ongoing network enhancement programme is designed to provide the best possible Internet experience for customers, with high-speeds and superior performance on all 3G, 4G and 4G+ devices. The Ooredoo Supernet has been designed to continuously evolve to deliver a world-class quality of service.

To ensure families stay safe in the desert, Ooredoo is also supporting “Fazat Mawater” - a team of trained professional desert drivers, who volunteer to rescue people struggling with marooned cars, trapped wheels or being lost.

In addition, the company is also distributing special “Desert Camping Kits” at sites across Qatar, containing a range of useful items for campers and dune-bashers.