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Posted On: 5 July 2020 06:53 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:22 pm

Ooredoo price increase receives negative feedback; existing Netflix subscribers to get bill credit

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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Late last month, Ooredoo ONE subscribers received a message from the service provider that starting July 25, 2020, the subscription charges will see an increase from the current rates. In addition, users will receive a 6-month standard subscription to Netflix or a 12-month subscription to beIN CONNECT. "This inclusive subscription can be redeemed via the Ooredoo App", Ooredoo added in its announcement.

The 50mbps entry-level Ooredoo ONE plan currently at QR 300 per month will soon be charged at QR 330. According to Ooredoo Care, all existing customers with a 50 Mbps plan will automatically be migrated to this new entry-level plan effective July 25, 2020. The Netflix promotion is applicable to both new and existing Netflix subscribers. More on this below.

Here's what customers say about the price hike

Some customers weren’t too happy with the forced price increase during these difficult times brought about by the pandemic and sent messages to ILQ and took to social media to voice their opinion

In the popular Facebook group When Where How in Doha, customers who do not agree with Ooredoo's decision mentioned that users should have been given a choice whether to subscribe or not, as a lot of people are already currently subscribed to Netflix. According to one customer, “QR 30 increase doesn't seem like much, but whereas I am not willing to pay an additional fee for something that I don't want - they should have given us an option.”

“They introduced this package very late whereas the majority of the houses already have Netflix and Ooredoo TV. So why do you expect us to subscribe to this offer?”, says an Ooredoo user. He goes on adding: “Better focus on internet speed, network coverage issues; I won't go with any offer before they fix the current issues.”

Another user believes: “The problem is not in the amount but in the principle itself.”


Ooredoo has recently announced its partnership with the streaming service Netflix to bring the entertainment giant’s services to its customers, which launched on June 10. Since a lot of users already have a Netflix subscription prior to Ooredoo's partnership with the streaming giant, we reached out to them to clarify this.

According to Ooredoo Care, "please note starting from 25/7/2020 after gift redemption, $59.94 credit amount will be credited to your Netflix account. Your current payment type (example Credit card) will be postponed until gift credit is used."

Ooredoo's Netflix Terms and Conditions also state that "Netflix promotion can be used for a new Netflix subscription or your existing Netflix subscription. For existing Netflix subscribers the value of the promotion ($59.94) will be credited to your existing plan."

However, Ooredoo clarifies that the Netflix gift can be redeemed only on accounts started in Qatar. As mentioned in its FAQ, "If your Netflix account was started in another location, you will need to move to a local account to redeem the Netflix gift. To do this, just cancel your Netflix account, wait until the remainder of your month is over, and then restart your account using your Netflix credentials with the Netflix gift. See how? All account information will be restored. Alternatively, you can create a new account in Qatar and redeem your gift this way."

Click here to learn how to redeem and more information:

So what's next?

While some customers have already made the switch to Vodafone, the only other competition in town, others have expressed a willingness to stick with Ooredoo despite the price hike. QR 30 is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering the current economic state. But for current Netflix and beIN CONNECT subscribers, the bill credit may provide some comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

What are your thoughts? Are you sticking with Ooredoo or looking for an alternative? Let us know in the comments section below.